Makeup for the Day to Day!

Hello dear readers! After sooooo many requests the Luxury guess decided to talk a little more about makeup. Today’s tip is to “make up” for our day to day and especially for the work. A natural makeup is a luxurious makeup, suitable for party or a ballad, which combines with all skin types. For this can’t miss: the trick is to choose a neutral color, brown color.

A make well done has the power to change faces and facial expressions, so learn how to benefit from a good makeup is essential for all women! The eyes are called window to the soul, convey the true feelings, that’s the area that most people care about time for makeup at beautypically. With a good technique you can leave your eyes almond shaped, larger or pulled, can also pass security, sensuality or delicacy, since you know it’s worth of physical attributes and use the cosmetics needed for your appreciation.

There are several shadows in shades of Brown, opaque colors, metallic, shimmering, anyway, choose the color you like best and apply in all mobile eyelid, with a fine brush, apply a darker brown color in the concave. You can also choose to use just one color throughout the region of the eyes to a make basic and fast.

A suuuper color matching tip all the skins for blush are in shades of PEACH!

Girls use and abuse this color! The cheeks are pure luxury and to complement use lipstick in the color coral or Peach also to finish off your look! Ahhh a gold tip for you: the shadow doesn’t have to match the clothes you’re wearing. You have to give harmony thus:

For those seeking a course of automaquiagem the Contains 1 g is performing in the Multipurpose room of the Shopping Campo Grande , the value is R $100.00 (revert-R $50.00 in products), included step-by-step booklet and certificate, duration of 2 hours, classes morning, afternoon and evening, from Monday to Friday.

iz esta maquiagem no quiosque de luxo e fui direto trabalhar. Várias pessoas que me encontraram elogiaram o make mega caprichadooo!!! Realmente faz a diferença!!!