Makeup for Summer

It comes the heat, and we do not have all that fancy makeup on, especially the face, than the cold season, and we are maybe looking for a routine to makeup more fresh, fast and we do not feel the face “burdened” with the heat.

The first element that most bother to most women under the sun with respect to the summer makeup face is the foundation!

An alternative to this product is the cream colored, or the now famous BB cream who depopulated in the last year and who are of all prices.

In short, the BB cream is very similar to a cream colored and inside it contains moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen and many times even several factors of wrinkle prevention.

But the essence is the same: to combine in one product cream and bottom without excessive coverage that, with the tan is also unnecessary.

Among those released this year we announce the BB Cream Kiko and BB Cream Garnier. Very good is the Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 by Clinique. In the market if they still are many different brands, for all budgets.

Wanting to continue to use the same winter prosotti for your face basis, but in a different way, we can mix in a jar our moisturizer and foundation that we usually use, resulting in the feeling of lightness and freshness that we want in the periods warmer.

The lucky ones who do not need to cover the imperfections face, may restrict their makeup summer for facial use of a moisturizer as a base, preferably with a sun protection factor inside, and concealer applied in points “critical” and then fixed with a slight blush.

To have a healthy glow you can use cream blush, quick to roll out with your fingers, and that, to make it last the whole day, we can match to a powder above, of the same shade.

In sensitive cases, oily skin or excessive facial sweating, there are primers matting or creams that matify face and create a kind of barrier to the sebum, however, refusing to let the skin breathe.

And what do you use Toppharmacyschools? What is your basic summer makeup?