Makeup Dark Eyes and Large, Colors That Enhance the Look

If your eyes are dark and large check out the colors and makeup right for you!

The dark eyes and big well suited to intense colors, but also clearer, as long as they are used in the right way. We see all the shades for a make up impeccable!

The ideal color for dark eyes and big is definitely the Brown that enhances the look and is perfect for both day and evening makeup. Even the Blue night, the ultramarine blue and even electric blue, are ideal, especially if you have hair and dark complexion.


Like Brown, the Black is essential for the make up of dark eyes, but always used in pairs to a light eye shadow such as beige or champagne on the inner corner of the eye or under the eyebrows.

Another color that gives particularly dark eyes and big is forest green, while the Plum -colored and is handled with some care, not at all, in fact. If your skin is very clear, forget it.

Generally speaking, however, are to be banned in soft colors too. Actually the lighter shades are perfect to use in conjunction with darker colors to create unusual hues.

Remember, dark and dull colors are also perfect if you have the eyes large and protruding, but not if you have small eyes and sunken.