Makeup and Contact Lenses, All the Tips and Advice

Makeup and contact lenses, all the tips and advice to avoid redness and abrasions inside the eye. The application of cosmetics to the phase of de makeup, here’s what you need to know if habitually wear the lenses.

Relax, don’t panic. Actually there are no true contraindications to makeup for those who wear contact lenses, although more careful and strict hygiene standards should be followed and should pay close attention to the choice of cosmetics. Here’s everything you need to know.

As general hygiene is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before putting on makeup and it is good to remember that contact lenses should be applied before makeup, primarily to avoid any traces of makeup from entering into the eye and smudge the lenses, and then because it clearly looks best when you apply makeup. In choosing cosmetics for eyes, health-beauty-guides reminds you to use only hypoallergenic products and carefully choose mascara, eye pencils and eyeliner, which are products more in contact with the mucous membranes of the eye.

Regarding eye shadows you should use compact products or cream because the micro-particles of powdered ones can easily penetrate the eye and get between the contact lens and cornea, causing corneal abrasions or irritation. Pencil eyeliner instead should not be placed at the level of eyelid, but the line would draw above or below the eyelashes. In addition, although many women especially in summer may prefer to use a waterproof mascara, in fact for those who wear contact lenses is contraindicated because it tends to dry out faster by encouraging the passage of debris and particles within the eye.

When the time comes to remove it you have to wash your hands first, then remove contact lenses and then use products that always used to remove traces of makeup.