Make Your Own Garden Path

Landscape designer Tina Nyce Washington offers seven tips for creating your own hands a garden path, combining the green carpet of plants and stone slabs. A simple idea for garden decorations and garden courtyard.

1. Plan the track.

First of all, think about how your family, relatives or visitors will react to such a path in the garden. Perhaps they will hesitate to step on the part of the track from the plant, fearing bruise or spoil the appearance. If you have the opportunity, consider completely stone spare side of the main track. See the night lights for garden at this blog –

2. Caring for plants in the track.

Green spaces between the stone slabs of garden paths inhibit the growth of weeds and prevent erosion. But they need to be constantly trimmed, otherwise the plants will absorb the entire yard, as in the photo below.

3. Start small.

If possible, grow plants from the seeds between the plates. If you want to land already germ grass – use the very young seedlings. Of course, spring – the best time for planting.

4. Sadite resistant plants.

If flexible plant occur a couple of times – it will break, and track pomnetsya lose its neat appearance. Therefore, choose a strong, persistent and “spring” types of grass that will stand the multiple steps of man. Moss and lawn grass – a good solution.

5. Prepare the soil.

Before planting the plants between the plates track well to loosen the ground. It is best to use the soil with sand – the water is well absorbed and the track will not be in the mud, even in the case of heavy rains. The minimum required for living space between the plates of plants – 5cm.

6. The form of tiles.

Choose the correct form of stone slabs for garden paths. For example, correct geometrical figures are more suitable for the modern style of the house and yard, and forms a natural and natural – for house and garden in a cottage style.

7. The soft stage.

Use crawling and climbing plants to decorate the living stairs in the garden. Remember to cut them, otherwise you may get confused feet in plants and fall.