Make up and Hairstyle Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but the question for us women remain the same: what to organize for the day of lovers? But above all, what to give to our him?

To help in the selection and give you different ideas to get ideas, we decided to compile a list of gift ideas broken down by “types” of men: your boyfriend or husband has a nerd spirit or is a sports super? Do not be afraid, you will surely find the right gift for your partner!


If the gym is its natural habitat or likes to spend hours to assemble and reassemble the bike, the sporty boy is generally quite predictable in the tastes and desires.

For fitness enthusiasts and gym, a suitable gift idea could be a sports tool like AB Rocket Twister with Flexmaster: innovative abdominal bench that allows to perform twists and turns that intensify and enhance the workout (buy at the price of 99.90 EUR).

If your partner loves to play team sports with his friends, a gift surely appreciated would be a suitable pair of shoes: they are soccer shoes, running, basketball or fitness, the wide section of sports shoes Zalando caters for all tastes (buy from 15,00 €)

He loves cars and motorcycles? Passing entire afternoons disassemble and reassemble engines? Special gift idea for Valentine’s Day could be a pilot day on a professional circuit in a car Formula 2, a Porsche or a Ferrari: a unique experience of its kind ( buy on Groupon Formula 2 to 69 Euros or Porsche and Ferrari from 39.99 €).


Completely different is the man who takes care of himself, with creams, creams or beautician treatments. A perfect gift for a partner who gives so much importance to appearance are definitely the caskets with specific treatments for the face, such as Ma Belle Gueule Sephora (buy at the price of 24,90 euro) or a men’s fragrance  perhaps decorated with a’ custom engraving (buys from 33.90 €).

If you like to be at the top also with clothing and accessories, Guess offers a range of scarves, cover and scents typically male and gritty (buys from 15.50 €).


Your boyfriend is always attached to video games or pc? A practical and fun gift idea offers the Moleskine with its famous diaries revisited limited edition dedicated to The Hobbit, to Simpson or to Lego (buys from 14.90 € ).

For diehard fans of Star Wars, the Disney store online offers a wide range of products dedicated to the fantasy saga: from cups to cover for iPhone, through the pins and stuffed animals (buying from 12,00 euro).


Finally how can one forget the man who has no particular hobbies than that of good food? A gift certainly liked could be a casket for a gastronomic weekend (of course in your company): this type of voucher lets you choose between different local cool, popular restaurants, delicatessens and wineries, for an experience that satisfies every palate (to buy cost of 89,00 euro).

And as a dessert like to miss the confetti M & m’s ? Personalized with dedications, images and even photos: snacks have never been so sweet to nibble on! (Buy from 29,90 €)

What do you think of these ideas for Valentines Day gifts dedicated to the men?

Let us know what regalerete and you will receive! We are very curious! If your boyfriend does not know what to give you, show him our list of gift ideas for her for Valentine’s Day! Good Valentine’s Day!!