Make Student Life Easier with These Apps

Summer vacation is about to come to an end, and it’s too many equal to that school for the call. Here are some apps that make student life easier.

You can get student life made easier with the following mobile applications, which also, of course, can be used on the job – or just basic speaking.

We have compiled a small selection of applications that help you right from the time you are considering study at, and for you takes place at school.

Several of the applications, however, you can also use even if you’re not studying or plan to do so in the future.

What do you read?

Are you just a dream to be a part of student life but not quite what you should read. So you can download applications “Study Guide”, which is from the University of southern Denmark. You can download the application free Apple’s App Store, as well as in Google Play Large.

You can also download “Studies KU”, there is a depiction of the eight students ‘ daily lives, from the University of Copenhagen. The application is available for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

Several other educational institutions also have applications with different functions. Here, you must have a bit of an idea about which study you want to embark on, to make the search easier in the various application stores.

Aarhus University is ready with an application, which offers everything from study guide for which menu you can buy that week in the canteen. Students at SDU can also part on the smart phone with “SDU Guru”, which gives the students the opportunity to gain access to mobile e-learning with “Blackboard Mobile Learn”. Download “SDU Guru” for free in Google Play Large.

Keep track of your notes

When you want to be kept track of the notes, so you can quickly and easily take advantage of one of the world’s best and perhaps most widely used “note-applications”.

You can store notes, images, sound recordings, with more, and the content can be sorted into folders and labelled with keywords.

The search option recognizes text in photos, so instead of writing the notes from the Whiteboard, you can simply take a photo with your phone and save it all in Evernote. It can also be used on your computer via our site.

EverNote available for both Android, iPhone and Windows Phone – and is free to download.


It is impossible to meet in the real world with the study group so that it can be done virtual with application Skype.

Skype is free of charge, as a service, but you do not have data on the mobile subscription is free, so it costs money on the way.

You can both view them you talk to, as well as writing several persons in the same “chat”.

Download Skype for free for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Find the cheapest prices on books

Student life is expensive, but there is money to be saved on book purchases. You can download the application “Cheap books” for the iPhone. With it you can then compare prices and delivery time on a number of Danish and foreign shopping.

A few minutes can save you a range of percentages, and you can search on the books at both title and author, but is it for “intensive”, so you can look out from the book’s barcode, as you just need to take a picture of.

Price database can also be found on the Internet at our site as well as iPhone application Cheap books.

You can also check out the website our site out, here is a lot of used study books.

Share files

Dropbox is available both on your computer and smart phone, and the app is brilliant when working on the document in a study group.

When one in the Group has written in the document, then save it in its Dropbox and then the others in the Group may also access the. Folder is synchronized automatically, so you always have the content available on all platforms.

Dropbox app is free and available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

You do not have a smartphone so can also be used our site from your computer.

Who can – and when?

Planning for group work or social events is not always easy, but you can download an application that can help to put the planning system. The name is Doodle: Easy Scheduling.

Besides from the smart phone, you can also use the service directly from your computer. So now it’s not so difficult to find a day where everyone can.

Download Doodle: Easy Scheduling for 18 dollars in Apple’s App Store. For Android, you can download Doodle Scheduling free in Google Play Large.

Read the texts everywhere

There are a number of alternative reading programs, but the app “Kindle” benefits from the wide range, especially in the Amazon has English-language nonfiction.

And you start to read on your computer, so you can continue where you left off on your smartphone or tablet.

The app “Kindle” is free to download in Apple’s App Store, Google Play Great and Windows Marketplace.