Magic Slot And Other Accessories From Lg

LG has shown not only its new flagship on the MWC 2016, but also modules for its Smartphone and other extras such as a VR headset, 360 ° cam or the new rolling bot. See the article for more information.

You can most likely you say that LG has gotten the most attention at MWC in 2016. This has to do the LG G5, not only with his new flagship but also because of the other products that extend the LG universe.Our article on the LG G5 had briefly entered on some features, be these but elaborate.

Magic Slot for the LG G5

The biggest highlight of the new flagship was in addition to the completely new design, the newly introduced Magic Slot, which makes a modular smart phone from the LG G5. While other manufacturers put on a uni-body case, but that without a replaceable battery, manages to bring both in the G5 LG. This is possible, using the bottom of the Smartphone, with a push of a button from your Smartphone can be separated. The oblong-shaped battery, which can be separated from the bottom part can be seen. This Magic Slot features but far more than just a replaceable battery.

Camera plus extra battery module

LG has unveiled at MWC 2016 also modules which offer advanced features. Including, among other things the camera plus module is located. This provides with an extra battery first for a longer battery life since it instead of 2800 mAh, whole 4000 mAh available. The controls are the second feature to use the camera. A wheel to zoom, a physical button to the on and off, lock, as well as an intuitive autofocus and an exposure lock are included. The module while ensures a hump on the bottom, makes it but more pleasant the Smartphone when shooting to hold.

HiFi plus module for audiophiles

Another module dasvorgestellte HiFi plus module, which is together with bang & Olufsen has been developed. Doing that turns the LG G5 in a Hi-Fi DAC audio player in black module. With the up-sampling technology of 32-bit hi-fi DAC can be upgraded from simple content and to provide a high quality audio experience. According to the LG are also appropriate headset to allow part of the module, to 32-bit high definition audio playback. Not only these two modules are especially; LG plans to open the API for other manufacturers, so that one can hope to a variety of other modules. In addition to the modules, there are also the friends of LG, the we and closer look at are:

LG friends: ecosystem for your Smartphone

The first accessory on the list is the 360 cam from LG. 360 ° videos are on the rise, Google is just like Facebook on an Implemtierung in its platform, so it is logical that the manufacturers introduce corresponding cameras. LG’s model provides two 13 MP wide angle cameras that comes with a 4 GB expandable memory and a 1,200 mAh battery. Not only 360 degree images are possible, but also 2K-Videos and surround recordings (thanks the three microphones). The friends Manager by LG provides a simple connection with the Smartphone and corresponding pictures can be also the 360 VR by LG watch on, we now come to the.

A VR headset, which has a different approach than Samsung with its gear VR is the 360 VR. The LG G5 connects via cable to the headset and allows you to not only look at compatible devices, but also allows the use of content intended for the Google cardboard. While she looks significantly better than other models from the competition and folds.

Rolling bot reminiscent of BB 8 by SPHERO and is a remote-controlled ball with a camera. It is excellent to play with pets (a laser is installed) or for monitoring via camera. This resolves with 8 mega pixels and can be combined with your Smartphone via WLAN.

Tone Platinum is the name of the new Bluetooth headset, which feature the transfer via apt X HD codec is, which is why a 24-bit audio quality is wireless possible. This cordon, a specialist in this field was together with Harman as in the last year, developed. A further pair of headphones is the H3 by B & O (bang & Olufsen), which was appropriately presented for the HiFi plus module and to provide a high quality audio experience. Finally the video to LG & friends: