Madrid-Climbing: Climbing The Clock

Climbing In Madrid: La Pedriza

Hola a tod@s, at the entrance of today I would like to share a bit of information about an area of climbing in Madrid. It’s la Pedriza (Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid) known by many, but however not very crowded, I speak of the Peña del Reloj

How To Reach La Pedriza:

For those who have never been to la Pedriza, say that he is accessed through the town of Manzanares el Real. If we leave from Madrid, take the road M-607, Colmenar Viejo address for about 25 km, then take the road to Highway M 609 (Soto del Real/Miraflores) and follow indications to Manzanares. From the capital it takes little more than 30 minutes.

Once in the village, there are to go to the parking lot of the stride (if put in GoogleMaps “Restaurant Casa Julian”, will take us to there).
From the restaurant, already walk, climb a steep slope that will allow us to take the Path of the Carboneras, PR (short-distance path) by which we’ll address at the helm, for about 30 minutes. Just before arriving at what is known as a Great Canada, take a detour to the right marked with a few milestones, which in 10 minutes will leave you at the base of the clock.

Necessary Climbing Material:

15 ribbons, rope 70 meters (we tried the Edge 8.9mm, with very good result), insurance, helmets, harnesses, etc.

Type Of Climbing And Vias:

This area of climbing in Madrid of the vintageinconfidential, is virtually in its entirety sport (there is a way where you have to use friends). The wall is vertical and the rock, as it could not be otherwise, granite. Abound in she strips and gives some singing in some way, so that this sector is not bond (although in certain parts this style of climbing is also given).

The height of the wall can reach 30 meters and its orientation is South, making the sector a good place for climbing in the colder months.

As to the routes, there is many (somewhat less than 30), but that there is enough worth. Grades range from the V+a the 8b, though to enjoy this place you should go at least with sixth graders seated.

Recommended Climbing Routes

(* Appear in the sketch from right to left):

Codan the barbarian (6a+): Via much singing and with mushrooms, perfect to start in the sector and enjoy the type of climbing. At the end you have a section of adhesion that makes the fairly comprehensive way.

The winemaker (6c+): Via very disfrutona, which begins with a great fissure to continue for almost 20 meters in a sea of terminal blocks, with a couple of good breaks, and finish with an output of adhesion at the top. One of the best in the area.

Metal and such (7b): vertical route of terminals, which begins with a passage of adhesion very committed and that in half concentrates much of its difficulty

In conclusion, to say that this sector of la Pedriza by the quality of their climbing well worth a visit (or several) in the winter and if you don’t ride a bit and if avoid crowds typical practice climbing in Madrid, this is definitely your place.