Mad Catz M.O.J.O., Analysis

There is no doubt that Ouya has become the reference in the small market of the microconsolas Android. However, they are not the only ones that are part of this game. A few companies compete to make a small hole on our TV. They are small, Yes, but the HDMI are highly sought.

Mad Catz stands out among all these players. A company with much experience in the world of accessories now, taking advantage of the trend and the pull of Android, launches a small console: M.O.J.O. A rival for a small but much-disputed category? We see it in our analysis.

Technical specifications

M.O.J.O., specifications
Resolution UHD 4K, Full HD
Processor NVidia Tegra 4, quad-core 1.8 GHz
Memory 16 GB + microSD up to 64 GB
Version Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g/nBluetooth 4.0 LE
Expansion ports USBMicroSD (up to 64 GB)
Access to Google Play Yes, series
Other USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, ethernet connection
Starting price 200 euros

When Mad Catz announced its M.O.J.O. surprised that they play by NVIDIA Tegra 4. A chip that has moved away from the race that MediaTek, Qualcomm, Samsung and company to focus on more specific devices.

On paper, the Mad Catz console is the most powerful choice within the sector of the microconsolas. Surprisingly USB 3.0 to connect storage units and capacity, brand of NVIDIA, to remove UHD 4 K video, if you have a monitor that supports such a resolution clear.

The 16GB storage, a device aimed at the game, is to do a little scarce although we can always expand it with microSD cards. By default we will find Android 4.2.2 and there is already an update for the time being there are no plans to see Kit Kat in the console.

In general, a good set of specifications of a high-end device where the only question is the Tegra 4 processor. Not because I doubt its potential, but because it is the first time I faced an Android device with this chip. Before entering your gut, go with the part out.


The world of video games accessories has always been characterized by an aesthetic rather aggressive and futuristic. Many angles and forms that defy finishes more collected and sober of mobile phones and tablets. Matter of taste, to me personally M.O.J.O. wedge-shaped design not I dislike and seems more attractive than Ouya bucket.

The plastic housing has a finish glossy that makes it a magnet for fingers. It is true that it is not a device that you are going to play much since the console is permanently on and the only thing that we manipulate will be the back to connect the different cables and card micro SD.

Vent are generous and allow to circulate air easily. Some thanks and when we are playing fairly demanding hardware titles we will notice how heats. At the bottom you will have a few rubber feet that will make the console does not slip on the table.

It is not the most spectacular design I’ve seen, but it is functional. It doesn’t take up much space, it can be placed anywhere without problems and the construction of the box is very successful. The Blue LED It points out that it is on is not very annoying although personally I miss a button to turn it off. Let the console side and go with the remote control.

Remote control

A manufacturer specializing in Control Panel for video game consoles the least we can expect is that this section gives the size. The truth is that it makes it: asymmetric sticks with a feeling similar to the command of Xbox 360. Neither sensitive nor very hard. It is comfortable in hand and the proportion with weight is very successful. Something heavy to notice we have.

We turn to find the finished with glossy from the housing of the console where the fingers again to make presence when we have been playing for a while. The buttons on the right are well constructed and resistant. The back triggers do not have much travel and are comfortable when we are with a shooter in first person for example.

However, there are details that do not convince me. The cross is comfortable for horizontal and vertical movements but terrible when it comes to bias passing as if we were not pressing the keys well. Another aspect which personally I liked has been the large presence of multimedia buttons in the central part.

I understand in a device to play buttons pause, playback of music and song forward or backward pass are not as important to occupy a niche so privileged. Finally, there are a few buttons at the bottom center where you can change the mode of the usage of the mouse. Something that we will use, as we will see later, to move through the console interface.

Although there are better options to use a remote control with Android, M.O.J.O has done a good job in this section where clearly exceeds Ouya. Good feeling when we play and removing problems with the diagonal crossbars have a remote control that guarantees many hours of gameplay without frustration.


NVIDIA has had few opportunities to demonstrate the power of its Tegra 4. A chip on the paper is powerful but you need to show its worth a little more. After more than one month playing with M.O.J.O I have to say that its performance It falls short of expectations.

Console moves everything with much fluidity and except some small point pull the M.O.J.O. experience is the have a powerful Android device It moves no problem demanding market game. In fact, connected to a monitor and play more powerful Google Play titles shows that these games are slowly taking weight in the sector.

As it could not be less, we leave the benchmark results in Xataka Android:

  • Ice Storm Extreme: 9675
  • Ice Storm Unlimited: 14161
  • EPIC Citadel: 50.3 fps at 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Vellamo Multicore: 1935
  • Vellamo Iron: 1337
  • PI Benchmark: 0.175 seconds (100,000 digits)

AnTuTu and Quadrant remain outside to be compatible with M.O.J.O applications.

Good numbers that corroborate the hypothesis that Tegra 4 is a good processor and in related video games can take off chest. High-end specifications which show that the hardware is good but having to deal with a problem that Mad Catz still has time to solve: software.


Normally in Xataka Android we applaud when a manufacturer does not impose a heavy layer of software version of base carrying Android. We like the changes, but when we can make the already sometimes manufacturers don’t make them with great discretion. That being said, doesn’t mean that Android by default is perfect.

The case, normal with M.O.J.O. would rejoice to see Android without modifications. However, in this case the printing could not be worse. Why? For something very simple: Android is designed and intended to be used with touch screens. Make it through a remote control is torture.

For this reason we formerly pointed out that M.O.J.O had a three-position button in the lower part. What is its mission? Let us use the sticks faster to move through menus and icons. The result? A good way to tackle the problem but still creating a fairly uncomfortable experience.

Remove the notification bar is a nuisance and scroll through settings menus Ditto. It is true that we can connect a keyboard and a mouse bluetooth but they are too many hassles and, by default, the console should give best solutions as a launcher, adapted as the Ouya for example.

Speaking of the console born on Kickstarter. Recently M.O.J.O. joined Ouya interface console even if we can only use it to download and play titles on this console. We hope to eventually fix it because today it is the main negative point of the console.

Furthermore, applications that come by default in any Android more a couple extras from Mad Catz to manage updates of the console. Have optimized this point, time are still Fortunately, it would have become a really attractive option to have Android lounge.

Good ideas in a timid category, the opinion of Engadget

In favour

  • Powerful hardware
  • Very long games catalog
  • Comfortable and ergonomic remote control


  • Bit optimized software for use with a remote control
  • 16GB of storage fall short