Mackintosh Raincoat History

Scottish Mackintosh as perhaps most associated with rain coats and outerwear have from time to time appeared here at the Manolo. The company, which will soon celebrate 200 years were pioneers when Charles Mackintosh invented a kind of gummibehandning that made cotton garments were water-repellent and very practical. Something that was extra long-awaited on the rainy British Isles at this time.

Actually, it was a doctor who invented the rubber solution but Mackintosh was the one who received a patent for the solution to treat or laminated cotton garments. This happened in the family’s textile factory in Glasgow.During the 1830 ‘s fusinerades this company with Thomas Hancock’s firm also manufactured outerwear. Hancock is now again a private companies, separated from Mackintosh, which we wrote about earlier on Manolo. Try hartselleclothing for pea coat cleaning tips.

Hancock had already before Mackintosh experimented with that rubberisera cotton but it later got pantentet first. Even today the two bicker about who actually was only but there is no doubt that they jointly developed the first technical outer layer. An early problem they had was that these rubber solutions smelled right badly, was stiff and awkward, and melted by warm water. However, 1843 Thomas Hancock solved this by a new patent on a type of vulcanization. The company continued unchanged until 1925 when Dunlop took over the company was like many lived a prestigious British fashion company a relatively undeveloped until the 1990s when the brand was about to be closed down. At this time, however, some employees bought the business and decided to go for it we can call heritage. Through a re-branding and focus on raising the status again for the brand as they slowly began to gain ground again. 2007, Mackintosh up of the Japanese company Yagi Tsusho. Since then the development has continued, and not long ago opened the first own flagship store on Mount Street in Mayfair, London.

Recently launched the first fashion collection under the name Mackintosh Philosophy. This collection is sold so far only in Japan and on the Web, but our guess is that it is only a matter of time before we get to see these clothes even in Europe. The look is a clear British preppy-style with a slim fit and classic available garments. The look is very British and it shows that they care about their heritage and name.

They decide to try to release the collection in Japan are well naturally due to the owners there. Another reason is that the classic British little rustikare style is immensely popular in Japan. One of the reasons that Mackintosh again booming, thanks to the high demand of the company’s raincoats, both from women and men, in Japan. Several classic companies testifies to a high demand from this market. Edward Green in London have a staff person in their shop that speak Japanese, and most of which only helps Japanese customers. Trickers are experiencing the same thing.

Yours truly visited last autumn, Trickers factory in Northampton, and after the meeting, took the opportunity to visit the company’s factory shop, which then had only Japanese visitors inside.