M1 Has Fee If Customers Do Not Call

Phone company M1 sends bill out to their customers if they do not have made calls in a month.

The telecommunications industry is very creative when it comes to inventing fees. Phone company M1 now gives their customers a phone bill for NOT talking on the phone, even though being advertised with the subscription is free.

M1 call fee for an “inactivity fee”, and it covers over that customers get a Bill at 10 bucks, if they have not made a call on their mobile phone for a month. Even if customers have not been completely inactive and, for example, sent text messages, so they still get the Bill for “inactivity fee”. It writes 24timer (literally 24hours).

The Bill, however, can quickly become more than the ten crowns, if not just know about the rule. For go prepaid account in overdraft of more than seven days, then follows a further fee. For a “blocking charge” at 50 dollars.

Head of Department in the Danish Consumer Council, Roza, says the premise for the levying of fees is that the company has a real cost of providing a service.

Full Director, Bo Abrahamsen, oplyder however, the fee will be charged, since the M1 pays to have a telephone number actively on the telephone network. But this is not something that M1 requires money because if you call.