Luxury Jewelry:Parade in Paris Brings News to the Season

Luxury jewelry haute couture week reveals a Parisian charm that many people have no idea. This charm that the jewelry lovers do not miss ever: the trends and news for this category, the jeweler of high jewelry.

Luxury Jewelry:Parade in Paris Brings News to the Season

There, parade starry marks such as Chopard, secular tradition, or Giampiero Bodino, fresh Italian name in the industry. On the catwalks present their collections which are a mixture of detail, beauty and rare stones. Condition sine qua non for a jewel set up the gallery for craftsmen, greatly appreciated since always. But that gets more and more added value, at a time of mass production.

Hot topics of luxury jewelry

In this Edition, 2017 the tiaras, which are at an all-time high as ever, in gold and Byzantine-inspired. Remember we talked about this hot topic here on the blog? Another very apparent to the jewels of luxury are fairy tales, with many butterflies and elements of nature, as you can check in our gallery.

More East: on the catwalk of Elie Saab, for example, we could see crystals and gold Arab-inspired accessories.

Geometry class: the Buccellati, another Italian name of weight in high jewelry, designed for Giambattista Valli a collection with geometric cuts and fine lines.

The label Chanel also has a brand of high jewelry, Coco Avant Chanel, which did a tribute to Gabrielle Chanel with lots of lace, ribbons, pearls.

Warning for brooches:key universe of jewelry next to the tiaras, to bet without fear of being happy this season.

At most, it’s delight with so many beauties and inspiration in your territory of jewels.