Luxury Guess Handbags Collection

The Hunch of Luxury is on pace for party, celebrating 2 years anniversary, and we are preparing another mega surprise for our readers! Attention girls… take a deep breath, prepare your hearts, release the consumerist spirit and come with us…. hahahahahahaha… we are sure that you will love!

As you know (and not get tired of talking!) we don’t sossegamos the torch for a minute, we’re always looking for news, new projects, challenges, seeking to grow as people and professionally. It is therefore with great pleasure and pride that we are here today too, at first hand, to present to you the newest fruit of our work: the COLLECTION Of HANDBAGS LUXURY GUESS!!! Aiiiii that emotion… we are very happy with the realization of this dream!!!

The idea came up in a conversation with our dearest friend Caesar Annunciação, which is Designer handbags and from the start a great partner of the blog. Caesar instigated and planted in our minds the seeds of this project, if offering to develop and produce a collection of handbags with the brand GUESS of LUXURY. We’re super excited about the idea, we analyze our budgets and “we sent bullet”, run against time to things ready yet for this summer! And now…. tchaaammm…. here are the 10 bags created by Caesar Annunciação exclusively for the Luxury guess!!!

We’re in the middle of summer and nothing better for our collection than the beautiful Brazilian beaches. How are only 10 scholarships, choose for each one the name of a beach, among the most famous and requested of our country! Choose your beach accessory… opssss… your favorite bag and, if you like, at the end of each picture has the option to BUY through Paypal !!!