Luxury Belt as a Gift

Belts – women and men – are an excellent idea for a gift. Almost everyone nowadays is used either for their functional properties (fixation pants or skirts), or as spectacular a fashion accessory that emphasizes the overall outfit.

Belts also have the advantage that they do not require detailed knowledge of the gifts and their preferences in clothing. The only indication that you should know about the waist of the person you want to put the belt (and using our calculator to you find the right size) or indication of length the belt that the person uses.

The less you know about the fashion style and awareness of gifted people, the better to hold on to the classics. If you donate quite a classic belt, certainly will not get lost and will be frequently used fashion accessory and gifted you with every deployment of the tape remembers who gave him the tape.

There are some general recommendations for selecting the tape as a gift:

  • Classic belt is leather, smooth leather.Normal width of the belt is about 3.5 cm wide belts are considered sporty.
  • Classic colors of leather belts are black and brown.It is true that the belt should be the same color as the other leather accessories, namely shoes and briefcase or handbag. The most versatile color is black. Brown is usually found on strips in two shades – dark and light (known as tan). Lighter Brown is sportier and therefore less versatile.
  • Belts with a surface that mimics the skin of exotic animals (crocodile, alligator, snake, lizard, etc.) May not be – if too significant pattern – ideal as a gift. Delicate and subtle pattern on the contrary, a very good choice, both in black and in dark brown.
  • Buckle should go with the belt and be rather simpler and less massive.Larger and heavier staples are beautiful, but do not hit the taste of the gifted person. Cowboy decorative buckles are for cowboys and the donee may be just a fan of the Cowboys.
  • Colored belts are suitable gift for women, if you can guess what color they will enjoy.If you want to donate a colored belt men, you should be familiar with his fashion sense.

It follows that the ideal clothing accessory for a man who goes to work in a suit or jacket is black smooth belt with a width of about 3.5 cm with a simple brass buckle. For men, the ideal jeansům may be brown belt, wider and a little more decorative buckle. And for a woman either more decorative belt buckle, textured and often wider color or in striking colors – red, pink or yellow.

We believe that the above recommendations will help you choose the right belt for your loved ones or friends.