Low Mobile Prices in the EU Will Have the Cell Phone in Use

Lowered prices in EU countries and the European Union has introduced ceiling has made that the Danes are not pale to use the phone whilst on holiday.

Data consumption abroad is growing tremendously for Danes who are on holiday in the EU countries. After prices were lowered, so dry this summer the Danes now finally use your mobile phone. It shows the preliminary statements from the four major Danish telecommunications companies for the month of July, which is the main holiday month. It writes our site.

However, it is not because they are calling or writing much more than before, but on the other hand, data usage has grown significantly. However, all reports from the foreign mobile companies have not yet come to Denmark.

The numbers from TDC shows that their customers have actually spoken and sent a little less text messages than it was in July last year. On the other hand, is the number of data sessions increased by 35 percent since July 2010. But most interesting is the fact that the amount of data in two years has grown with 474 percent.

Our site’s customers have immediately spoken as much as last year, while data usage has doubled from July 2010 to 2011 – and this year it tripled since last year. Our site sees the same pattern.

The telecommunications company also joins the data traffic has grown by them. In the period 1. to 24.July has been the growth of 60 percent since 2011.

-“It’s probably not only prices, that means something. The Danes also found out the ceiling of 450 euros which the EU has introduced as the highest, you may have to pay. It means a lot, for it provides peace of mind, “said 3 ‘s communications Chief Stine Green Paulsen to Business.dk.

Prices in the next three years, the EU will continue to decrease, while it is still outside the EU is an expensive affair to use mobile phone.