Louis Vuitton, Jewelry Collection

Today we see the Leomonogram jewelry collection of Louis Vuitton, designed by Marc Jacobs that we have seen during the fashion shows to present the spring summer 2009 collections in Paris, already from the catwalk these accessories have made us dizzy, now I’m finally on the market and with a little effort you could also buy.

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular brand, its success is global and in my opinion an important recognition also goes to the artistic director, Marc Jacobs that each collection that presents gives freshness and originality, not for nothing that the first Louis Vuitton if it is accapparrato So fast!

The collection of jewels Leomonogram follows the Ethno trend that characterizes a bit this summer, Louis Vuitton, on the catwalk we saw the retro bangles by some excessive prices, $ 385.00, luckily Vuitton home have come to terms with the economic crisis and they have launched the version slim the bracelet and the small ring in a coordinated, the bracelet costs $ 265 and the 150 ring, speaking in euro 188 and 106.

These jewels are made of carved wood and painting is formed a leopard framing the ubiquitous printing, logo LV, however, the effect I like, a lot dilutes the classic style that we are used to seeing.

The slim bracelets are available in gold, navy blue and fuchsia as well as rings, bangles can also be found in yellow, purple and red, there will be spoiled for choice!