Louis Vuitton Clutch Bags

This clutch bag shoulder Louis Vuitton has many shades: pink poppy, red cherry, red grapes, white ivory and black.

More and Saint Germain, with with initials PM, we find this other variant, beautiful and valuable. Clutch bag embossed cowhide embossed leather, double chain silver color adjustable, this pouch is perfect both day and night, being a bit ‘larger than the others (€ 2,370).

Among the clutch Louis Vuitton do not miss those with shoulder strap in metal chain, very suitable for the evening. The street style clutch at educationvv, with long and decorated in gold metal flap, is leather monogram vernis amaranth. For those who like other colors, can find it in pink and sand colored, all 1,280 euro.

The clutch bag Louise GM Chain presents the removable shoulder strap metal, in addition to having the house logo brass. It is in precious calfskin glossy painted, and we can find it in tones of Amaranth, at 1,650 euro.

A little smaller than the previous one is the Chain Louise MM. Same characteristics with regard to materials and metals, exact same elegance signed Louis Vuitton. Also present in shades of sand, brown and pink, this clutch has a long 130 cm adjustable chain (€ 1,550).

We now come to the most eccentric clutch, but always chic, LV. The new model Santa Monica is modern, with contemporary lines, has the dual function of being a trunk by day and a clutch bag evening, thanks to the double shoulder strap: a metal and leather, both removable. This clutch is embossed Monogram Vernis leather and painted, available in the colors: black, brown, light pink, magenta, sand and dark pink (1,120 euro).

Colored is instead the clutch Go-14 PM. The rich texture of tweed makes an original clutch, one of a kind, but always in perfect style LV. The closure, metal silver is twist-lock with Louis Vuitton logo, the shoulder strap is adjustable from 95 cm and finish are in sheepskin. A collector’s item, this clutch bag, to be used both in the evening than during the day (2,600 €).

Another variant of the Go-14 PM is the fabric denim blue, with contrasting stitching doubles. The double chain strap and twist lock, in this case, are gold (2,500 euro).