Looks Like the Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit for Men

Raffle-men have it while supposedly easier when choosing a festive outfit, but also mistaken to be too fancy or completely underdressed. Outfittery gives tips for the right dress. Also surprise your partner and win one of three Outfittery vouchers

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The merry month of may initiate the wedding season and many in the coming months on more than just a wedding dance. While a pair of classic celebrating with a ball in the Church, others celebrate the day with a visit to the registry office and a lunch or even barefoot in the garden. It is as a guest not so easy to choose the perfect outfit, as a man. After all, who wants to assist in the jacket between many tails?

Outfittery decrypts the code on wedding invitations and gives tips for the perfect wedding guest is at least as “Man”. So there’s no optical gaffe, hosts are well advised, when they write a dress code at her invitation . But the sometimes not so easy to decipher.

Outfittery head of purchasing Wolfgang Schmidt-Ulm explains on freundin.de, which look behind what dress code.

Smart casual

On the invitation is “smart casual”, it’s casual. Jeans or T-shirt are still taboo. A high quality pair of pants and a plain shirt in pastel shades with a sporty jacket are a good choice for a l-eger elegant outfit. Tie or bow tie are not necessary with this look.


The dress code “Cocktail” must be a dark suit . However, you should keep their hands from black, it would be overly formal. A dark blue or grey are a good choice. A tie and elegant shoes are not a mandatory requirement desired, but depending on the party company. Also at the shirt, it must be not the classical white. Light blue or Rosé are also portable. Fortunately, cocktail parties are nowadays much more relaxed than some years ago. Today, the Lords also jeans with suit jacket should combine and simply omit the ties.

Black tie

Here, the tuxedo must answer if it has one. Occasions of this dress code is an more elegant and more formal event the subject of cocktail. The traditional black is important in a Tux. Another feature is that transition from shirts to pants may be never to see. This means that need a jacket or even a Cummerbund. Of course this elegant Black patent leather shoes. As the name suggests, should not be missing a fly in black and completes the look.

White tie

The King discipline! White Tie is the category of ball or banquet, more elegance isn’t. Here, a black coat, a white shirt and a similarly clean slate, be worn. The suit jacket is called rock. He is cut short front and rear, two long spikes ranging to the back of the knee. This is the so-called swallowtail. The lapel of the tails is drawn in black silk, decorated with narrow strip of silk pants. Again, the name is program: the white fly may not be missing. Black patent leather shoes are also desirable. For something bolder, there should be even white gloves.

Outfittery sent the perfect outfits for every occasion

As a general rule in men as in women: It is important to steal the show, not the bride and groom. It is therefore advisable to choose his outfit always a shade under the groom’s. Comes the groom in tails, for example, choose a tuxedo. Also is still the label, that jacket is placed only after the groom has done it. No matter how hot it is.

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