Look AMARO: Dress With Jacket Bomber!

The look of today is full of fashion trends that you find in AMARO. Bet on an unusual combo: dressed in bomber jacket–and what could go wrong was super pretty and different. The striped dress is super trendy, the full-bodied fabric-jacquard-is perfect for use both in a night during the summer and in the winter with tights and boots.

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There’s another crucial detail in this dress: it is poured below the bust and has a cropped top of leather stitched together to give this detail of the universe of lingerie that’s so high! At the same time it is a fancy dress, ends up being quite bold. Since we are entering, Demi-season, matched the dress with the bomber jacket Black lightweight fabric stripes on the sleeves–this gives a sporty touch that makes a high-low super interesting production.

The footwear plays an important role in look: If I were a boot would make a rockerair, if it was a metallic shoe would look cool, but the high-heeled sandal super powerful gave one up in visual and left look very elegant! I loved the detail of tassels with mooring in the back of the sandal and the model cage is right on fashion, not to mention that black is always a classic.

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Photos: Fashion Frisson

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