Longer Shirts, High! Oversized Tee, T-Shirt Longline

Talk TIME, all right?:) Those who follow the male Fashion routinely have seen the postings about the Extended Bar t-shirts and Shirts Long Tail as well as it is, the tendency to longer T-shirts are very high and the today’s post is about!

In the summer the tendency of the gringo Long T-shirt (or Oversized Tee, T Shirt Longline) is getting strong! And why not bring that over here too, huh? haha Can be a great option to differentiate the visual, even a basic T-shirt, without pattern, the long bar gives a new footprint pro look.

I have joined this trend in my Closet and I think very cool combinations that we can explore with the longer Shirts. Use simple, shirt with jeans, with denim vest with Varsity Jacket or Bomber, with an open shirt too, anyway, several legal ways to compose the visual!

Below I’ve separated some pictures and also some places to find the models team! See:

Where To Find?

There are 2 ways to use a long T-shirt, one is to buy an Oversized model (some brands trampam with it) and the other is to opt for a larger size of t-shirt and send adjust the “leftovers” in the seamstress.

In the video below I gave Hint of the Seamstress, see:

The European Virtual Shop ASOS has some T-shirts Oversized options, Link

American Apparel is a good option if you want to use the technique of larger size, I bought a Summer T Shirt in size GG which is well compridona! Worth taking a look at the template, Link -the cool thing is that the Virtual Store of them is from Brazil, so there’s no problem with Corrreios rates.

The Right Here Co., yes my brand haha, has a longest modeling on the shirts and even a oversized model. Worth taking a look at the online store, Link

Give a panned on AliExpress can also be cool, I found a few options out there, Link