Long Bob Haircuts

If you’re thinking about getting a makeover  and will not decide on a haircut in particular, do not worry, the long bob is an excellent choice. Here we show you the different types to suit all types of face.

Bob Long Classic

This style is any face shape, gives the appearance of a fresh look and can add a fringe side . We recommend that the more you increase round face have the length, so that way you can give the illusion of a sharp face.

Long Bob with Fringe

The fringe will never go out of fashion, it makes our factions are framed and can go in all styles, in this case, we recommend a straight style as it will look more drop your bob cut. Leave the fringe mid front for a more extroverted look.

Long Bob with Californian Wicks

The Californian wicks are a trend that has lately fascinated celebrities. Give it your own touch with bob and bangs cut, you’ll see it looks great. For a more casual style calls for a fringe degrafilado.

Bob Long marched past

Give a unique look to your bob with this style, the trick is to take the tips of your bob cut in all sizes, but always taking care that the length is the same in appearance, go to a professional for attaining a perfect finish.

Long Bob with Layers

The cut in layers you’ll love if you want to give more volume and strength to this type of cut, you can use it regardless of the shape of your face, as long bob style adds a feminine look to your face. Styling, apply cream to your wet hair and mold with your hands.

Bob Long Waves

If you are one of wavy hair cut bob you will be perfect, play with the bangs, layers, and all that you showed in the previous styles. The advantage of your wavy hair bob will make you look slimmer face plus they will forget the straightening iron.


Now that you know what the long bob styles that you can do to your hair is, you have no excuses not to make this change of look you had thought. Go ahead and give it a unique touch to your hair, and tell us how it went with these amazing cuts .