Lingerie is the New Black

With the weeks of European fashion coming to an end, it’s time for a swing. Several amazing sites have followed the parades and news day by day, Lilian Pacce , Chic , among others.
Here, let’s talk about what interests us. The cool thing is that intimate fashion was an issue of prime importance this season.
The fashionista has in recent memory the autumn-winter 2009/10 of the Dior maison, where transparencies, garter belt and corseletes shone on the catwalk.
The truth is that lingerie has always had an important role in fashion. And every day we see a dialogue between the two worlds. We have the provision of printed, embroidered, silk and printed lingerie, among other fashion references according to therightbras. More than that, every day, the importance of underwear grows . Who has never picked a suit thinking of matching a new bra?

Now, if the lingerie appeared was a possibility, the new image of fashion makes the proposal the great star. Great stylists interpreted the elements of lingerie-modeling, embellishments, loops and loops-making new and modern productions. When Jean Paul Gaultier does in his parade a re-reading of his own work of 20 years ago (think of the conical bras of Madona), it is a sign that at least we must be aware of what is coming.
It’s even easy to understand. Panties and bras are very important pieces when it comes to defining a silhouette. Nothing would be fairer then to make use of these pieces to redefine the woman who ushered in a new decade.
The looks appeared in a variety of ways: from Gaultier’s bra, through the sensuality marked Dolce & Gabbana, to the delicacy of Nina Ricci.
I made a selection of images of what appeared, so that everyone could see, understand, have ideas and be inspired. The most attentive will miss the Dior parade. The truth is that I enjoyed the parade so much that I left to do a post tomorrow all dedicated to it! Below are some of the images that I and the girls here at Hope have selected.