Lightweight Jackets to Face The Unexpected Rainy Days

By now we should have learned the lesson: never trust completely because of the weather, even in late summer, it is easy to come across sudden downpours, and water bombs!
In these cases, not to be taken by surprise and be ready for all eventualities, better always keep on hand the outerwear: not get rid of them at the first opportunity, may prove essential during the summer season!

Do not think that we are accustomed to classic jackets to wear at the end of winter, what we need are bomber, blazer, denim jackets and windproof jackets: all garments lightweight, space-saving and perfect to deal with jokes that the weather likes in store!

Ready to find out what not to miss in your summer wardrobe? Take note!

The bomber

If you are real fashion addicted and you are always informed about the latest trends, you will definitely already purchased a bomber in the spring. Well, do not put it aside because it might come in handy for unexpected rainy days. Bomber like the polka dots of Stradivarius (€ 19.95), to satin gray Mango (€ 49.99) or the flower of Zara (€ 39.95) combine well both sports outfits both more feminine look.

The blazer

The blazer must always be available! It ‘a leader wildcard that lends itself to a thousand different combinations and the maximum to complete the formal and elegant outfits. Models like the blue mbyM (90 €), the striped Only (50 €) or the white of River Island (75 €) are perfect for summer.

Denim jacket

Remember not to put aside your old denim jacket, a versatile outerwear and always trendy. If you have not yet, here are three models affordable to consider: the blue jacket of Levi’s (110 €), the white of Topshop (50 €) and the highest light wash signed H & M  (€ 34.99).

The windproof jacket

Perfect for those who are going on holiday, the leather jackets of Invicta ( They are your best bet if you are going to put a suitcase in outerwear, but you have to deal with the problems of space. These nylon jackets are closable in the pocket that turns into a small bag. Convenient, no?