Lighting in the Kitchen

People usually solves the lighting in the living room, office, children’s room, but the kitchen a little bit forgotten. And you really should not be underestimated, because the quality of lighting in the kitchen is very important. After all, how else could we cook a tasty meal?

Work light

First, it is necessary to distinguish between the lighting of the workspace and lighting, for example capricious. Deep hues intimate lights are naturally pleasant evoke emotionally attractive atmosphere, but again not suitable for work, for example, handling heavy pieces of metal utensils and even less for handling sharp knives.

The entire issue can basically be summed up in a few sentences according to the blog. Above all, it is necessary to realize that by, those working environment that requires different lighting, such as living room, the entire worktop or center line of the wash and then, naturally, the cooking center. This equipment is in most cases at the same height, and thus may be light at the same height.

Where to put it?

The most complicated is the choice of location lighting. Workspaces is needed to illuminate the way to cook or another user’s kitchen cast a shadow her own body, which is actually a very common problem in the case of badly designed or serially solved kitchen.

Even more common mistake is placing the light source on the wall below the upper cabinet kitchen units, ie directly in the face of the user. If it’s high enough, then it has a chance to dazzle light, but everybody else a few centimeters lower, for example, a woman or a child already may not be so lucky.

Do not forget the central light

The ideal method is to locate the lighting in the bottom of the upper cabinets. Such work lights can dazzle anyone and give him nothing stands in the way. Neither the user can not shield her with his body. Comfortable but sufficiently sensible solution is also the interior light lockers, while not the most illuminating locker top and bottom, hard-to-use, completely incomprehensibly forgotten.

And finally! To move alone in the kitchen is still needed and the central handling or communication light. Top should be placed in the ceiling above the center of the kitchen units. To create atmosphere is worth it, for example, might consider even dimmer over, possibly one more “whimsical” wall light.