Lighting Changes Everything

The light makes all the difference in the decor. All the same. Knowing how to use, lighting can make an environment look bigger, cozier or more serious, and may even be your bold touch in the house.
Nothing is hotter than the sunlight.{AT}

Daylight is good for health, strengthens bones and prevents depression.Oh really.Use curtains if necessary, of course, to protect the furniture and fabrics, for privacy.But abuse the light that the sun brings when it invades the house, it has nothing equal.Notice how almost all the decorating photos are during the day.Is not for nothing.And there is the light of the morning, which is fainter, the midday that is super white and takes care of everything, and the late afternoon, yellow, super romantic.You can notice how the mood of your living room changes throughout the day according to relationshipsplus.
But knowing how to use shadows can also be quite interesting …
This restaurant takes advantage of the sunlight for both the lighting and a beautiful set of shadows and beams of light that give personality to the environment. {Joel Sanders}
A similar effect on a small scale, the lamp takes texture to the walls, bringing another grace to the room.{AT}
A very important factor to take into account is the color of light.

To achieve this dramatic effect the lamps could only be white.{Joel Sanders}
But the color of light is not always the only color of the lamp.Remember when we talk about the white curtains in this post ?
The colored curtains filter the sunlight and bring a new mood to the room.In this case the orange left the room super cozy.{AT}

Incandescent, or yellow, bulbs heat the environment.Okay, the incandescents warm up, but I meant they make the environment more charming, romantic, less serious.
Look at that candle-light effect … {Hudson Hotel}
An important technical detail is that the yellow light is the one that least distorts the colors.So if you put on a white light, you may be scared to get to the party … think well where it gives and where it can not have white light.

But it’s not just the white and the yellow we can explore. The most daring, or those who would like to dare but are afraid to repent of painting a wall, notice that you can use colored lamps. If they are not in the mood, just turn it off.
You can keep neutral tones in the room so you do not get sick …
… and use different colors in the luminaires or the lamps to relax, or to energize. {Joel Sanders}
On a party day you can turn your white room into a super bold room using colorful lamps. These are led. {Joel Sanders}
But lighting has thousands of other functions in interior design …
The direct lighting on the walls shows what is most important in the room: the pictures. Even the lighting of the dining table is indirect (facing the ceiling) so as not to divert attention from the works of art. {AT}
This photo is awesome.The cut in the plaster of the ceiling that continues through the wall integrates the two environments, and gains a super highlight with the light coming out of it.And the lighting under the furniture gives a sensational effect of lightness, they seem to float.{Joel Sanders}
Wow, there’s a lot more light to show you … this subject is infinite!But I’m slowly sharing, is not it?