Light Scarves in Summer – the Right Accessory For the Neck

Wear a scarf in the summer? For many it seems rather nonsensical, after all it is already warm. A scarf can also have a cooling effect. It depends on what material it is made of. Pleasant fabrics, such as chiffon, silk or modal, cool and protect against the sun.

Man Wearing Scarf

One may hardly believe it, but the scarf and the staple have now become an indispensable accessory – not only in the ladies’ but also in the men’s fashion as described in gradinmath. Colorful scarves, decorative towels are more typical of the woman, but also man wearing scarf these days. A light summer scarf can be a statement, an individual icing on the cake. The accessory underscores style, laziness and a sense of the trend. Casual man’s scarves – in summer, of course, airy scarves are preferred – are loosely wrapped around the neck and make from every basic outfit a stylish eyecatcher. The beauty is, you can express your own style and personal touch.

Scarf – a Must-Have For the Man?

With the right cloth around your neck, Man (n) emphasizes the sporty or even the elegant look. The light summer shawls are available in many variations: long, triangular, square, in the extraordinary crease pattern or in the fashionable check pattern. The highlight: fringes and pompoms give the cloths the certain something and make them an absolute must-have.

The special thing is that the holster or the shawl perfect the look in a very own way. Whether it’s a casual outdoor outfit, a classy designer jeans with a long sleeve or a comfortable chino with a linen shirt – the accessories around the neck make the look complete.

The accessory for the neck should therefore be missing in any men’s wardrobe. Try it.

Instructions for Binding Scarves and Scarves

The same applies, of course, to the fashion of the ladies. In different variations, materials and colors, the woman decorates her neck and rounds off her look. For the women’s world, scarves or towels are unbeatable styling partners. There are no limits for your creativity. They are as “normal” as other garments and simply belong to outfits. With a stylish scarf, a very personal touch can be set.

There are a wide range of different types of towels. Here I have for your women a guide, which I have encountered, of course, you can also look at the one or other type of binding. Here you can download the instructions for binding towels.

Included are binding techniques for cloths and scarves, detailed instructions with pictures for the most diverse variants, appropriate styling for each cloth size, as well as expert opinions from well-known designers and manufacturers. Just take a look and surprise your women with this brochure.

Find the perfect scarf for every occasion and every outfit – summer colors on light materials – at Hirmer BIG SIZE.