LG Maybe on the Road with Android 4.0 for Optimus Black

A picture shows that LG apparently is getting ready with Android 4.0 for Optimus Black.

LG already at the end of 2011, promised that they would come with Android 4.0 to the Optimus 2 x, as well as the Optimus Black, since, however, there has been a part as far as the Optimus 2 x.

Now there are in the meantime come a picture that might indicate that the Optimus Black is by being ready to receive Android 4.0 update.

The image below shows an LG Optimus Black wrapped in original, unopened packaging, where there is a leaflet or label into the wrapping. On the label it says “Upgradable two Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Whether this means that the update is around the corner, and that you will soon be able to buy Optimus Black with Android 2.5, or whether the image is false is unknown.

We have made contact with LG Denmark, but they would not comment further on Android 4.0 for their units, and says to our site, “we are following up on a stage with more detailed information about updates in the Nordic region.”