LG G5 Software Update

The small but significant upgrade also came in Italy, from a few minutes our G5 was updated by adding the drawer using the system application ‘sHome & Menu‘ from 18.63 MB. No reboot required and the ability to have immediately available the new graphics, with the classic middle button that gives access to apps and widgets.

Among the choices we also ‘Easy Home‘, a simplified view with larger icons, drawer and fewer options within. Small step back for LG, this decision is certainly more sensible because it leaves a choice on this beautiful UX 5.0 and off friction between lovers or otherwise of the drawer.

Via press release, LG reported the distribution of the first software update for its current top of the line, LG G5 (already watched our review on themotorcyclers). The most important novelty is the return of app drawer, required, says LG loudly from users.

The OTA update, in fact, does is automate the manual update that we saw last week, and introduces a “new” launcher identical to the default by adding the drawer. In practice, users can choose which of the two setups use according to their preferences.

Another important novelty is the possibility to take burst pictures even with the LG Cam Plusinserted. LG says that you can shoot up to 10 pictures per second, for up to 30 photos.

The update is being deployed from a couple of days in Asia; in the following weeks will arrive in the United States, and then in Europe.

LG G5 is available online from Carpentry to 489 euros or from ePRICE to 599 euros. Goodvalue for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.