LG G5 Officially Unveiled

Is the cat out of the bag, the LG G5 was officially launched. In addition to numerous renovations, you finally get back again to see a bit of innovation. We tell you what can the LG G5.

At 14: 00 it was time; LG introduced its flagship for the year 2016, and despite numerous rumors in advance can provide quite a bit of surprise. One day before Samsung’s idea is to draw attention to a lot and could surpass even the Galaxy S7/S7 edge. Let’s come to the Smartphone itself.

Handier uni-body metal enclosure

The LG G5 has changed compared to its predecessor; You can no longer speak of an upgrade, but has in fact made a great leap forward. Plastic and leather have been replaced by metal, where the battery is not firmly installed. On the bottom, the bar can be pull out by a push of a button and remove the battery. This modular design offers more features, which we later go up. Chic looks the uni-body case in four different colors (titanium, gold, punk and silver) and is also very handy for first Hand-Ons.

Always on display with QHD resolution

Also what has changed with the display; not only less than it’s become 3″ (previously 5, 5″) with its 5, but continues to offer a display resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. A new feature is the always on feature, what to consume battery per hour only 0.3-0.8 percent in IPS technology according to manufacturer’s instructions. Therefore you must switch to keinstenfalls its Smartphone for notifications.

Snapdragon 820 and new fingerprint sensor

Other specifications include the new Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm, which will make together with 4 GB memory for proper power. When the internal memory to 32 GB, holding where this will remain expandable via microSD card. The integrated battery has become with 2800 mAh smaller, but is replaceable and expandable through the Magic Slot also as mentioned above. Also when connecting is the new standard USB type-C, who will arrange with the QuickCharge technology for fast charging. LTE, 4.2 Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi “ac” and also a fingerprint sensor are available. The fingerprint sensor sits at the nexus of 6 p on the back, where he also serves as the home button.

Dual camera with wide-angle capability

The next highlight is the camera: installed on the back is equal to two cameras, which one dissolves with 16 mega pixels and the other with 8 megapixels. While the 8 MP camera for wide-angle shots is intended to the MP camera simply can switch from the 16. On the front it has installed a 8 MP camera for Selfies and video calls, which should be amply sufficient.

The first step to the modular Smartphone magic Slot

The most interesting feature is the Magic Slot. As previously mentioned, it is the detachable base, which houses the battery. LG offers here at the beginning of two modules: cam plus and HiFi plus. When the cam plus the battery capacity 4000 mAh will be increased and offers a wheel to zoom, an exposure lock and physical buttons to trigger and lock. the HiFi was plus module from bang & Olufsen develops and provides the output of 32-bit DAC, which will make for a better sound. The API for the Magic Slot will be available for third-party, so that we can hope in the future on other accessories. More explanation of the Magic Slot and other accessories are there in the LG friends article.

Price and availability of the LG G5

LG plans to bring its top model in April to customers, but no price is set so far. This should move according to LG on “Level of competition”, but what is a vague price range, if you consider that one pays mate 8 € 599 for the Huawei, while the Galaxy S7 edge for €799 to beech suggests. Pre-order options vary with different vendors between 700 and €750, what will be our opinion also the EIA for the LG G5. Also you can benefit as a pre-order from a bundle action, as it has already launched Samsung S7 & S7 edge.Thus, LG will want to give the camera plus module as an encore. because the price for this extra not published was, can you say at the time how it would save a lot. One thing is sure: at LGs top units led in the past to a greater fall in prices after some time, so that you can save a little money with a little patience.

Conclusion to the LG G5

LG has probably made the biggest step forward by all manufacturers and lots of new features and functions. This one creates with the Magic Slot modular smartphones to make it socially acceptable, where the imagination limitless in the manufacture of new modules. The camera promises again class shots and also the always on feature will take care of part of attention. Paired together with a fingerprint sensor and the new Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB memory, you will play with all up again and could be even the top Smartphone by 2016. Learn more about additional accessories follow. The rumors can be found further below. Finally a product video:

The LG G5 rumors


Last year, LG is gone another way than its competitors. Again, they put to a removable back, either consisting of plastic or leather. The rest of the Smartphone was further made of plastic. The advantage of this story is a replaceable battery and expandable memory. But, seriously, there are very few people who really want to replace your battery. You must today not necessarily use a removable back with regard to the storage extension. It will be different at the next flagship of the Koreans. LG is apparently planning a unibody aluminium. We believe this is the right decision. Nowadays, nobody wants to spend several hundred euros for cheap plastic.

After the CES is now over, the rumors appear to condense the LG G5. According to latest information, the next flagship should have no leather back more. Instead, this time actually, there should be an aluminium housing. But according to an insider from Korea, the battery will be still replaceable. This should be realised by a kind of drawer in your Smartphone. This you can pull out and remove so the battery. Should this information be, this could be an innovative feature.

The G5 will only be presented on 21 February and is therefore actually not official yet. Now pictures of the next flagship in the network have surfaced but, coming from a private seller from Dubai. You show the front and back of the Smartphone, as well as the original packaging.

The front consists of a large display, which occupies most of the space. The top includes the Selfiekamera some sensors, as well as of course an earpiece. Below the display you can see a small bar with the LG logo. There is something exciting on the back of the Smartphone. Here is plain to see that it is aluminum or some kind of metal. The rumor about the use of metal has thus been confirmed. Furthermore, we find a round fingerprint sensor on the back that nexus 6 p look a bit like that. Also a dual camera, like in the LG X is cam, on board. Details of the resolution not betray the images however.

Technical specifications

Iris scanner

Almost every Smartphone has fingerprint sensors. But the LG G5 could have an iris scanner according to Korean sources in addition to a fingerprint sensor. Logically the iris scanner will be located but on the front of the Smartphone. Yet there are no details about the new technology, but this step is not unlikely, because LG wants to show innovation and thus stand out from the crowd.

Expandable memory?

So far, you could expand the memory with a microSD card for LG smartphones. This year can perhaps no longer there this slot. The battery Exchange was just feasible with previous LG devices thanks to the shell of back of the. But I did mention it above. Even if it is possible to replace the battery, most do it these days. Wireless charging, the quick charging techniques and low power banks here offer a good alternative.

Snapdragon 820 and WQHD LCD

According to latest rumors the next flagship model from LG to have installed processor the Snapdragon 820 so. The 820 should be twice as fast as its predecessor and offer a 40% better graphics performance.In addition, there is also a focus on Virtual Realitythis time. Killer features of both models are energy-efficient processors that enable the apps with much access to sensor data with significantly lower energy consumption. There should not be heat issues with the new processor, because Qualcomm has no core from ARM. Instead, they use a hauseigne CPU architecture, called KYRO. The advantage of this is clearly obvious: the KYRO is highly adapted, because he comes from Qualcomm itself. Apple makes it as well. All parts come from in-house and are therefore perfectly matched. Thus, the Snapdragon 820 is a rahiman “game-changer”. In addition, details of a 5.6-inch WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) in circulation appear to be.Thus, the LG G5 would be even bigger than its already huge predecessor LG G4.

Always on display with an appropriate touch cover

LG will present its new flagship, but in a few days and presented more and more details, to increase the interest in the device. On the Facebook page, you now reveals a distinctive feature of the unit, namely the “always on”-display. Here, the display will never quite be and display information that is relevant to the user. This has been shown also in the form of a GIF:

In addition to that presented a suitable touch cover, which shows different information such as missed calls or messages based on a small display. The special is but, you can accept calls by touch or can switch off the alarm without opening the cover. It relies on a silvery appearance, which suggests that even the G5 in the corresponding colour is to get Designtechnisch. Here we see also the new touch cover which also the secondary display rumor made an end.

The “Magic slot” [update]

In December, the rumor was interspersed by VentureBeat already via a so-called “Magic slot”. This slot is a modular feature as it allows the user to connect external devices. While the functionality of smartphones expanded enormously. So you could join, for example, an external camera Flash, or a stronger battery.Should LG actually use a “Magic slot” in its next flagship, this would be a clear differentiator. Paired with the aluminium housing a very good throw can succeed this year to LG.

Android Authority shows a new image, which shows the Magic slot supposedly. On the photo, you can see an additional module on the Smartphone, which has 3 buttons and a wheel. It is here the Magic slot?

Two models for 2016?

LG 59.1 million smartphones sold in the last year according to The Verge . Last year, there were 59.7 million units sold. Despite the increase, a loss of $37 million results from it. To counteract the, LG plans to bring two flagships in the coming year. This will be the one the LG G5 and on the other hand, the 2nd generation of the LG V10. In addition wants to devote themselves to the company of the mid-range and entry-level and reach to a larger buying public.

New image shows the prototype of the LG G5

A new image, which shows the successor of the G4 in a case allegedly circulating in power. Much you cannot recognize it, because the shell includes the phone. What you can see is the renewed camera. Either there are two lenses, or but one of them is the laser focus. The round hole on the bottom can be interpreted on a fingerprint sensor. Thus power of and volume control buttons will no longer be on the back, as was the case with all predecessors. These are most likely on the left side of the unit, whereupon the recess (on the picture on the right) suggests.

Seller from Dubai reveals price

The images were shown on the Web page “Dubizzle.com” and there the device already for sale is offered.How such a thing before the official presentation could happen is still unclear. The online portal offers the G5 at a price of 2,500 dirhams, resulting in about €610.



The size was a point that many users of the LG G4 had criticized. With 5.5 inch, moves the Smartphone on Phablet level and therefore is not for everyone. Quite possible that LG something smaller makes the new flagship and this then provides a “plus version”. Whatever would want to have differently on the G5? Since your happy with the size of the G4? Would you forgo and want a more noble design rather on a replaceable battery? Us write it in the comments.