LG G5: First Impressions, Materials and UI

Once you’ve tried it on the occasion of the MWC 2016, since yesterday we are using LG G5 in its final version. Unfortunately at the moment no additional module but only box and telephone. A shame though obviously you can still see how the opening system, coupling and uncoupling of battery and lower carriage.

After the case #metalgate, the approach G5 and and materials has been more attentive to us.We must say that LG has made a very interesting choice and smart: the weight is very low, the feeling in your hand is very good, the minimum slip and hardly anyone will say that this is not a device made of aluminum (aluminum but also because it is still applied in a particular process, made by LG itself | LG working on G5 #metalgate: isn’t plastic but primer tied to aluminum |)

Qualitatively I haven’t noticed any constructive flaw, aesthetic problems or imperfections. The coupling system is strong, sturdy and well aligned with the body. It certainly will be interesting to see if, with repeated overtures, plastics will trade a little loosening “grip” between the bottom and the body of the phone. It will take several weeks if not months to get a feeling for this aspect.

Excellent UI, a nice step forward compared to previous “playfulness” of the interface. LG has lightened much customization, took away several items, including applications menu, although still can be restored by installing a launcher LG alternate. Fluidity still excellent, lots of ram and smooth multitasking.

The display is instead appeared subdued. I haven’t removed the film factory, which is the film that LG has applied a little how did Sony on whereversmartphone. The take off in the next few hours waiting for the Sun to see if indeed there is difference in brightness and glare with and without film gums.

In General, however, an impact with G5 which confirms the feeling had at MWC: an interesting product, original, aesthetically pleasing, light and that you hold well. The color titanium from an effect more staid on the phone that gold does not convinced me too despite being one of my favorite colors.

The ball now in Gabriele that in the coming days will test the phone along with P9 and S7 so you can figure out which top range 2016 is the best of this first “batch” (hoping can come soon HTC 10).

LG G5 is available online from Carpentry to 489 euros or Unieuro in 540 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.