Levi’s Jeans New Collection

This fall presents world’s oldest jeans manufacturer Levi’s collection Collectibles, where three different professional groups had put their mark on each of the two pairs of jeans–a slimmer and more baggy model–and two pairs of shirts in different colors. Manolo is moderately impressed.

The butcher (butcher), the baker (Baker), and the candlestick maker (the Torchbearer) are the professions represented in the collection. All pieces in the collection are unisex and will go on sale shortly. The jeans is expected to cost upwards of 3000 crowns, while the shirts lands on a button thousand. It is a limited collection, but not “extremlimiterad”; for example, it is expected a few hundred of each jeans model sold worldwide. In Sweden is the Nitty Gritty in Stockholm only dealers.

The jeans are undeniably elaborate and really gives the illusion of being tailored to each occupational circumstance. So, for example, “bagarjeansmodellen” (known as “Pat the baker”) visible, “Flour stains” and one model through a white application at the bottom to “protect against flour”.It provides easy an elaborate and exaggerated impression. Then feel the holes of both shirt jeans on “slaktarplaggen,” big enough and meant to hang tools in, more genuinely authentic and thoughtful.”Ljusstöparkläderna” (called Nick the candlestick maker) is more shaded, with tough leather details, which is best on the narrow model and actually provides a pretty neat, if not stylish, denim pants as jeans, says Mathgeneral.

This is hardly a collection that fully complies with current trends. This is just a jeans model really skinny and among the same group of garments is lit it this fall as viable clean, sober dark, with their absence. The shirts are better and more of them interesting to look at, with elaborate details and at a reasonable price. And one can hardly call any part of the collection of ospännande, so a visit just as a bit of eye candy can be out of place.

Occupational groups are expected to spring the boat rides and the coach rides with exciting, gender-specific and more trendy marina vibes.

More pictures of the collection can be found here.