Les Mills Grit Training Reviews

Superfit super? Since GRIT maybe something for you. A lesson in 30 minutes, and then burn calories for hours. So read on for more information. Les Mills GRIT consists of three parts. GRIT Cardio GRIT GRIT Plyo and strength. These courses are unique. The last 30 minutes and allows you to go to the extreme. Your instructor will also help and support you, so you just that little extra. All three programs is a full body workout with the top and recovery times. From track one gives you 75 to 100%, and after 30 minutes broken, in a good way. A few hours after the workout will still burn calories. GRIT makes you faster is appropriate, and that you will push your own limits and GRIT is also the fastest way to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass.

GRIT Cardio

Make Over GRIT Cardio use of a lot of effort with short periods of rest. During the warming begins with popping right. You train both upper and lower body. In the last section, go to your limit and you with abdominal training.


BARLEY Plyo based on plyometrie. You should consider explosive jumping exercises. Strength and agility combined herein. Your muscle will turn quickly, giving you a slimmer body.

GRIT Strength

GRIT Strength workout mainly with weights. You should be a bit like Body Pump, it’s just a lot more explosive and go full Kwa equal weights. You build strength and endurance.


All practicing your course great music you just that little bit harder to work late. As is the case in other parts of the Les Mills Group GRIT not take advantage of the Top 40 music. Every three months a new choreography and new music.

How many calories you burn anyway?

The average person will burn about 500 calories in half an hour. After class you burn because too few calories. GRIT is a very intensive program and it is recommended for them to follow up two classes per week.

For whom is it suitable?

Actually, it’s suitable for everyone. Even if you have a bad condition, you can make GRIT. You will see results quickly.You must be 100% committed to GRIT, reach the best results. Kwa clothes you can choose a comfortable sports outfit and even bring a towel and a water bottle recommended by mysteryaround.


For a taste of GRIT you can watch on the website of Les Mills. Also on YouTube there are several movies and also because you can see the tracklist and listen.