Lenovo Can Turn on Microsoft Surface

The Chinese PC maker, Lenovo, is convinced that they can deliver better hardware than Microsoft can.

The Chinese PC manufacturer is in no way concerned about competition from Microsoft’s new tablet Surface. The Chinese believe that the Chief Executive at any time can deliver better hardware than its competitors. It writes our site.

-“Microsoft is strong with respect to the software, but I don’t think they can deliver the world’s best hardware. It can Lenovo, “says Yang Yuanqing, who is Chief Executive of Lenovo.

Earlier this month, said the ceo of Acer, that they are opposed to Microsoft’s Surface, as they believe it will be bad for the entire industry’s ecosystem.

However, it sounds different from Acer, where the ceo has confidence in his own business.

-“We still believe in ourselves. We deliver far better hardware than our competitors including Microsoft, “says Yang Yuanqing.