Leggings Push Up Calzedonia

The leggings drama is that the physical wearing it should really be toned and wiry. The leggings, leggings second skin that is cut to the ankle, it envelops and thus stands out every little imperfection, depression and failure. And so, in my opinion, is suitable only to the teen or, for the more curvy girls and women, only if worn with over sweaters and oversize tee, so that the effect is to wear opaque tights.Banned absolutely, at all ages and for all types of silhouettes, the leggings worn as pants. It’s vulgar and little taste walking in the street with no mesh or sweater that covers the B-side (and in some cases even the A): the disasters that in this way you see on the street are so many!

But beyond this rule aura that must be respected in my opinion always, there is a line of leggings which is having a great success and promises to support the seat, making it tonic and round and slim your thighs, making them flawless and slender. It is the leggings Push Up the Shape Up line Calzedonia.

You see them in the window of an unlikely mannequin with a round ass that Belen a mustache, with lots of arrows on the derriere indicating the Push Up effect. A bit ‘skeptical at this point it would be me too. I mean: the dummy is made of plastic, my butt and then no, I do not see how St. Thomas does not think so. Well, I certainly have! You can see some photos I posted yesterday on my blog here. The Push Up effect of Calzedonia leggings is not the dummy plastic much less the beautiful Jacqueline Bissett illustration (watercolorist phenomenal) that you find on the packaging. The fabric is very thick and elastic, and it is this that gives the restraining effect at the same time makes you suffer the pains of hell to wear them. For the series, you lose a few cm only perspiration, wearing them! Once in, however, the fabric of the leggings location is phenomenal: it does not compress, it does not block the circulation, it is very comfortable even though it seems impossible at first glance! The mirror test, for me that I carry around a 42 and I have the wrath of the inner thigh fat, flabby thighs and plenty of seating, it’s really good.Also on me my ass is supported, the thighs are streamlined and troughs or bozzoletti disappeared. The effect is not miraculous, as I mentioned, but effective hand Push Up leggings gives it seriously so much so that, if from now on I had to choose to buy a new leggings or wear leggings, I would opt to closed eyes for these Calzedonia. The price? 25 euro! In the same linethere are also socks and cyclists for planing the rolls of belly and hips. At the time I tried, in addition to leggings Push Up only the tights of the shaping line: these are also very good and the push-up effect of sitting in my opinion is even more pronounced (cost about 9 Euros). And you, have you tried this new line? Also let me know your opinion!