Leggings and Tights for Cheap

Leggings or as they are called, leggings – a kind of tight pants with elastic fabric. Today leggings can exist as an independent part of the image and complement the fashion sukenky or skirts.

Trousers for Women

Trousers, skirts – fashion something that is able to act as a major item of clothing. Leggings made of thick fabric and can be expressed or less visible elements trousers. These include:

  • Pocket
  • Snake before;
  • Back pockets;
  • Belt;
  • Double seam on the outer side of the legs.

Wildest models can combine several colors and can be decorated with crystals and other colorful items. These options are perfect for a night out. Create spectacular image rather complement the original light blouse or trousers topom with daring jacket.

Perfect for everyday wear tights under jeans pants imitated. Material for this model also gets soft and supple, but the image must convey the basic details of denim pants. Often this results in a shabby blue and different lines.

Tights, Leggings

Tights, leggings – a great replacement or traditional socks tights. They carry strong but thin material and has quite an unusual picture. Tights, leggings, worn under skirts, dresses knee length skirts or extended. It can look very sexy. But stylists warn if you choose frank length dresses, the image may seem slightly.

Large selection of women representing Italian brand leggings store. It is in their collections may be viewed as necessary to properly combine thin women with bold clothing. With tight pants can create a visual image of a business or a stylish evening wear.

Do not forget that poor women will be a great tool for creating colorful outfits. After all, they combine perfectly with chiffon blouses and light tops. Several fashion accessories will make your character unique. Older women should have a simple monophonic or simply painting in bright colors.