Legaspi Summer

High Summer Collection 2011 Legaspi

The Legaspi, women’s handbags and footwear brand, launches your collection to the high summer 2011 in style, complementing with new products the successful summer collection, which is already in stores. Are new models of handbags and shoes with the innovative design that always offers its consumers.

This new collection continues to focus on women’s lifestyle in tune with fashion and who appreciates quality and value-added products, bringing models based mainly by techniques and creative elements in the construction of handbags and shoes.

The bags of varying sizes and styles bring the colors and the energy of summer-neon, vibrant tones and apastelados set the tone of the season. Were also incorporated elements such as the Horn, used in handles and details, the twisted, mixing colors and motifs and the fittings, which give a touch of style. The hides comes extremely soft to the touch and light in plain or printed snake skins and ostrich-in new colors-where quality and good taste are mingled.

To dress the feet of women, Legaspi, which has your shoe line Sonia Müller to Legaspi, invested in the balls and sneakers, synonym of comfort combined with beauty and bold design; In addition to the high jump, which comes in a new building, a half-foot and heel with unique shapes, sexy and comfortable, light and beautiful, as the station. This collection, Sonia Müller to Legaspi, brings outstanding models, either by combination or color drawings, highlighting and bringing special charm to the feet.

Enjoy the warm weather is coming and check out the news that the Legaspi prepared to let your summer more colorful and vigorous with your line of products inspired by the diversity and versatility of women.