Led Tape

Mains voltage without source.

Led Tape

The tape mains voltage, is found in 5-meter roll or coil of 25 metres. The 5-meter roll is dedicated to small applications and the coil is possible to achieve a value per metre lower, for example the roll costs R $111.00 with feeder “wormtail”, this gives an average of $22.00 R per metre. Already the coil costs R $427.00 which gives R $17.08 per meter per meter. Note the tape’s 12V linear price lower, but the source is expensive, so compare the values always consider tape + source. The feeder “wormtail” to tape mains voltage can be sold to United way, costs on average R $19.00 each, well unless a 12V source that is a more complex system. The feeder is equivalent to a voltage stabilizer dedicated to electronic components, the led is sensitive is to be connected directly to the network need this protection, he also AIDS in the stability of the luminous flux. I would like to leave a tip, if you’re going to make small mounts but added enables purchase of coil, you can purchase the feeders to part a for each Assembly. Recalling also that resellers, working with the sale in bulk and can cut the coil in the own point of sale at the requested size.

The wormtail feeder and the “secret of success”. He who goes when refuelling a stable connection and fast, you don’t have to, wire decascador, electrical tape, solder, absolutely nothing. Just stick it on tape and connect the other end into the socket, ready if that’s all there is. Lembando which also has the version with a dimmer attached which enables switching on and off without having to get out of the socket in addition to modulate the intensity. As much as a feeder can handle are 25 meters of tape.

To attach the tape to the Cabinet or in the architecture use clamps with nails. The tape mains voltage is made with a high strength silicone, because besides offer fence she also makes electrical insulation, since she is not a low-voltage tape. Why was developed that system of brackets which is much more stable than the double sided tape commonly used in 12V tapes, is to guarantee that she’s really comfortable and won’t let go.

Markings, note that the 127-Volt tape has an indication with an Earwig and a dotted every 0.5 metre and 1 metre each 220V. This is because the leds are actually connected in serious that what causes lower tension and keep suitable for powering the led, then as 220V is a higher voltage is required a larger circuit. Always make sure that is the correct point, if cut in wrong place damages the entire stretch of circuit. More or less what occurs with when flasher gives problem in an excerpt. Remembering that it’s only an analogy of connection diagram, the led tape has much higher quality components that flasher led Christmas or led decorative hoses.

When cutting a Ribbon always place a lid on the finishing end, remember you must tape electrical insulation voltage. You also have the amendment, can connect two five-metres rolls for example. But remember the maximum that should be linked in the feeder are 25 meters. These components as band, tweak, and finishing feeder cover can be sold to United way, when using coil. Or when you purchase the 5 meter roll goes a kit with all components included: 1 feeder, 2 seams, finishing and covers 20 2 clamps.

Place the tape in the right place! See if light shelves consider that the average height is 1.60 eye, what is below it must receive light from top to bottom, the above must be from the ground up to reduce viewing. Another important point to light must be in favour of obersador, put the tape on the edge of the shelf, not on the bottom. After it generates a “light” effect that only works with translucent objects such as bottles or crystals for example. Always try to create an optical crotole, don’t look cute tape exposed. The ideal is to use a profile of led that was designed for this and already have a diffuser, but with little money and creativity can do a lot of good stuff too! If it is sending a mobile manufactures the cava of 2 x 2 cm will be perfect. If the Cabinet is ready, you can buy a “L” profile in aluminium glazing has several colors, or a wooden frame in shop mounting frame, what counts is creativity to fix some “bar” that can do this.