Led Lighting, Economic and Ecological

Led lighting is a lighting economic and ecological provided by light-emitting diodes. This technology continues to innovate with new more efficient products. The point on this sustainable and efficient lighting.

Led bulbs: more energy efficient

The led bulb converts 80% of its energy in lighting thanks to its specific electronic components. The led bulb is so much less energy compared to other light sources. For example, in the traditional lighting, most of the energy of an incandescent bulb is consumed by the heat generated by the bulb.

Led light bulbs: a duration of longer life than conventional bulbs

The other advantage of Leds is their lack of filament. Without this particularly fragile part on conventional bulbs, the service life of the Leds is also much higher. Finally, the leds allow to play with light effects, including with the leds of the color but also the innovative shape of the products. For example, flexible or rigid headbands Leds for bright decorative and design renderings.

Led lighting, how to use?

The Leds were so far particularly effective for accent lighting or functional with their focused spectrum, for the lighting of a plan of work for example. But today, there is a very wide range of leds for various applications. You can use Leds for general lighting with blisters with a spectrum of 360 °! The nerve of your lamp is no longer a barrier as there is now the LEDs for all Sockets. Then to your leds!