LED Lamps for the Home

Among those is changing chandelier or those who must buy one finds on the market new types that are more and more space between consumers given the very interesting features: led lamps. In many, however, do not know the characteristics in detail, so here I will bring you back some data, a mini guide for Led lamps for the home.

We must say that the bet of the Led would seem now in effect won: resist more, consume less, are durable (cope well to shock) and most of all have less environmental impact.
Going into detail, market-leading companies led candelabra promise a high energy saving, in fact:

  1. The newest Led bulbs make only 60 lumens (Meanwhile an incandescent bulb 40 watt classic equals 490 lumens) for a total usage of just 3.4 watts per hour.
  2. The brightness of the Led System drops of 3% due to the first 3,000 hours of lighting, later becoming stable up to 100,000 hours (which on the other hand are 11 years of use 24 out of 24), after which occurs about 70% a collapse of.
  3. The Led is quite cold, or rather heats.At most touching 40 degrees on the outside, and by doing so ensures the optimization of efficiency with energy dispersed in less and less energy used.

The high versatility of these bulbs in the chandeliers will massive disappearance Led incandescent bulbs, in the way however now an EU directive ordering. Pure aesthetic level and interior fittings, Led bulbs allow varying shades: warm white or cool, and a wide range of colors (red, blue, green, yellow).
Is everything perfect? Except the prices still indisputably high, even the most picky accused a lower power when it comes to illuminating a full House but the speed of technological innovation will soon better solutions, I’m sure.

Try looking for LED projector on Localbusinessexplorer, you will find interesting led light fixtures, wall lights, ceiling lights, stripes, and other applications with led bulbs.
In short, with the arrival of Led bulbs, old dear incandescent bulb with its warm yellow light will be only a distant memory.