Leather Handbag and Charles Charlus

Charles and Charlus, leather handbag made in France, timeless elegance.

The French leather goods brand Charles and Charlus offers last forty years of leather handbags high quality, manufactured in their Tarn workshop by skilled craftsmen. Theseoriginal creations or classic or trendy, but whose inspiration is nourished together the best models of great creators and original lines imagined by designer Jean-Loup house Chartier, occupy a special place in the leather goods present, deliberately evading codes seasonal patterns imposed by the major players of the fashion market.

The catalog, which is regularly updated with news, distilled, among others, many models of leather handbags exclusively in preorderhandbags full grain leather bull, mainly Basque, grained or nubuck. The bags are manufactured in the saddle spirit, claimed by the brand, which consists of technical skills particularly well and strong.

The extreme care taken in manufacturing, craft and small volume and quality of the creations would transform the brand into a luxury diva such illustrious Hermes and others. However, it is not. True, prices are not affordable at all but are much lower number of famous brands that produce in India or Morocco. Just as some French leather craftsmen independent still producing in France confidentially, Charles and Charlus kept its artisan soul of leather goods and continues with modesty and discretion, in a new expanded and modernized workshop, to offer customers bags high quality leather and whose quirky and timeless spirit await the lovers of pleasure and elegance. True luxury is not it … the scarcity?