Learn How to Wear Evening Jumpsuits

Soon the holidays! Cool evenings! Dresses! Glitter! reindeer sweaters! ”

Or are you more the type “mooooore, but what am I going to wear …”

And why not a combination to change?

It is expected that class and less dress.

And even if it’s at least 5 years we try to refourguer us at all costs, few to own one.

Rarer still are those who own one pretty.

Because at defending those who do not dare take the plunge, the combination is still one of the most difficult parts to wear to mooonde (warning to pronounce with a dramatic air).

Yet if we can master the beast, it can turn us into absolute bomb.

So tempted?

  1. What combination for my figure

Let us not deceive ourselves, the choice of the combination is crucial. If we miss it, it’s ruined for success to have a little bit of pace (big pressure on you there).

Consequence: I’ll try to be comprehensive to help each find the one .

We’ll have to make fittings, you are not going to cut it.

Even though I know how painful it is to try combis (for the same reason it is painful to wear them during a drunken night).

If it does not make you look a goddess, based on the one or the forwards (although we acute flemmingite, good returns are made for that).

  1. No defined size

Whether you are in the kind apparent or soft belly ribs (as Bridget), I recommend you choose combinations hipster (ie with a tightening on the hips, not the waistline).

If you have a flat stomach, you can dare the top Fitte otherwise prefer the fluidity ..

Shopping suggestions: long black low waist deep V neck. Combi or  Standard length black strapless combination illusion transparent medium

  1. marked size

It is especially nice to mark the size of a combination to create the shape famous “hourglass”, grail of relookeuses of all kinds (cuckoo Cricri).

Choose a narrow combination in the waist will create a beautiful silhouette all those thin waist, it will be paperback or voluptuous.

The belted effect is my favorite.

Shopping Tips: long V-neck high waist suit.

  1. nice ass

If your kidney fall is your favorite thing and you are holding the showcase, the combinations are not your best friends.

Finally, most.

For there exists a form that highlights them: the dizzying back neckline.

If it is accompanied by a “pants” effect that mark the buttocks, that’s even better.

Shopping suggestion: Long black combination high back neckline plunging size

  1. Hips and legs round

Most of the time, this morphology in A or 8 is accompanied by a marked size.

I suggest you adopt the tall forms mentioned above.

For the lower body, you can head to a Fitte pants, straight or flared.

Avoid just soft materials and fine marking cellulite and make the gelatinous buttocks (even if it is firm!).

Even flared pants skirt works. Worn with a marked waist high heels and a floor length or 7/8, is very convincing.

Shopping suggestions: blue long suit navy high waist V-neck wrap-or long black suit tall plunging neckline in the back  or  combination high waist V neckline plunging spaghetti straps

  1. Small chest

Why not dare plunging neckline or bare back? Or even both at once?

We forget the bra of course.

With a long and even long-sleeved suit, no risk of being vulgar.

Shopping Suggestions: Combination high waist deep v neckline spaghetti straps  or black long combination high neckline size Dip Back

  1. Nice legs

Try short combis with festive tights season (satin, lace, etc.).

This kind of model is very cute on small (and more pointed one dress).

Shopping Suggestions: Mini black jumpsuit high waist belted  or  Mini mini strapless tall combination

  1. Broad shoulders

Try sleeves accompanied by a V neck to create a break in the middle.

Shopping suggestions: Overall black and lurex high plunging V size and wide pants fluid

  1. Chest high

Opt for a fluid top with a V that does not show the “cleavage” ( “entresein” in French).

Shopping suggestions: blue long suit navy high waist V-neck wrap over

  1. Abdominal curvatures

I speak of those who have a round belly that is noticed and an undefined waist.

(If you, like most women, a little belly, you are not concerned: Nadia Aboulhosn see above).

Sorry girls, but the combination is not the room to choose if you want to put your body in value.

But, hey, it’s okay, after all it is the combi-busting foot deep. You, you put a nice right dress or skinny jeans with a nice top fluid and original!

  1. Everybody

As you are dating does not Austin Powers, forget everything tight jersey .

Be careful not to get lost  in excess tissue .

Your suit should always mark the size or the hips if you will look best in a cuboid  at worst a teletubbie trend potato sack .

  1. What material?

I recommend you to choose either a fluid yet thick enough material for not doing the flickering buttock is a structured material (mind combi / tuxedo).

Almost no one can carry the combi silk satin that reveals the slightest relief, and more, it’s quick pajamas , and even if the fashion world has dubbed the look “reads the jump,” I doubt that you make a splash evening with (unless it is a pyj evening course).

The jersey is made to dawdle combination, period. Even though she tries to hide under sequins , naughty.

Otherwise, anything goes, lurex, sequins and perlouzes included.

  1. What color?

A quick search “woman suit” in any search engine you showed 90% of dark black or blue models (I want to show my own selection). This leaves 5% for color and portable printed only in daylight and 5% of other colors.

If you can find your happiness in another color than black and that okay, jackpot! Otherwise, do not worry, anyway, you’ll be the only one wearing a combi to your evening, that will be enough for singling you.

And you have not accessorized!

  1. How to wear?

As always, the accessories are the key to the look.

Especially if you wear black so.

So we think of beautiful jewelery, bags and shoes that flash which dislodged (the look, not the ankle I hear).

Of course, make sure you choose appropriate jewelry in the shape of your neck.

Side while shoes are allowed.

I have a weakness for shoes and sandals ultra-fine to lighten the silhouette with long combinations.

For combi-shorts, I prefer stilettos less high, a little thicker sandals (think T-strap mary janes, and other babies), and boots. Worn with tights festive course.

Side length of the pants for combilongue, I like the 7/8 that puts shoes and light malleolus (no, Tim Burton is not the only one to love bones).

But if you have small legs or you do not like the 7/8 you can stay on the ankle length: just make sure that the pants do not wrinkle on your shoe

You may also wear a “statement” belt with your combi tall if you have the size marked.

Above, jackets and bombers and others will be perfect, worn with sleeves cape or so.