Learn How To Use Heels

Maturity comes to us all in different ways, but through the wardrobe is the most common, simply becomes a day in which you know that you can not leave the House in Sweatshirt or may be you prefer to buy in the adult section of Zara instead of the TRF, however change your clothes start overwhelming at the beginning , What should I buy?, what styles?, in which color?, would don’t have a synodical indicating me to do?.

And well, I will not be a genie out of a bottle but if I can help with some of these existential questions, starting at the root of the problem: the shoes!

Footwear is essential to start your new wardrobe and there are certain styles that you simply need to get out of trouble every day.


Just like the little black dress, the (not so) little black shoe is a basic, find the perfect pair of black shoes can be a task that takes much time, you have to make sure you have the indicated height to be able to walk on them without problems and that don’t kill you within 30 minutes, the material is perfect for your lifestyle (if you’re that always spills things not opt for a couple in suede for example) and which can accompany you for years.

Black Heel hand come nude heels, in these the most important is to make sure that find a tone that is similar to your skin (if you’re too white roses ringtones will serve, if you’re more brunette looks for taupe tones or with brown tones), the idea is that “blended” with your skin color and give the impression that you have endless legs.

It is impossible to walk in stiletto heel all day, luckily there is the heel run, this stylish shoes will give you height and heels port but it will be much easier to walk all day on them.

Strips or Gladiator shoe is the equivalent to the Sandals for adults, give a very edgy touch to anything, experiments with the thickness of the strips to see what more favor to your legs. Generally the heels of strips that end at the ankle make see much thicker leg than those who lengthen.

Especially if where you live there is a winter (here in Guadalajara I already do not distinguish the winter to the summer season, all year I’m grilling!) booties are a fundamental piece, there are black with thin heels (super flattering and remains yet) to those who have a style more cowboy and modern, are perfect for more relaxed and fun outfits.

For many jobs that require all day standing or who have a more relaxed code of label-heel-wearing is unnecessary, but that does not mean that you should go in tennis to the office, for such situations eisten the flats, and although they are not the style of most professional shoes that exist, there are styles that make them most suitable , and these are the flats in punta, this outfit is very flattering because it not only looks good but it lengthens the figure.


There are three basic ways on the heels: closed (pump), open (peep toe) and tip, each serves for different occasions.

The cerrado is much more professional, this style is perfect for office with stricter codes and business environment. Even if your work is more relaxed this type of shoe is most appropriate in interviews, formal presentations, etc.

Open shoe is much more casual, mostly depending on that so broad is the opening (between less see the toes more “serious” is the heel) If you work at something artistic or relaxed dress code can use this type of shoes. They are perfect for outings and for warm climates.

Pointed shoe comes and goes according to trends, a day is the most hot and the next you think the most eighties thing in the world. By now the spiked heel is having a good time, has the benefit added lengthen your figure and see professional and fun at the same time.

As you can see, is a very simple guide to basic styles, around they will be adding other styles, for example, although the closed black shoes are basic, that doesn’t mean that you can also get them in all colors of the Rainbow.

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