Learn How To Choose Your Sports Sunglasses

If you think that the function of the dark glasses is only of an aesthetic prop and that prevents your vision from getting blurred, it is wrong.

Choosing a right lens and model can make a difference in your daily activities, especially if you’re into sports. There are some precautions you should take when buying the accessory that best meets your need.

First of all, one must keep in mind the physical activity practiced, the time and place in which it normally occurs. With that in mind you can choose the frame and the ideal color. We have made a special video to address the subject, take a look! Lightness Above All Else

When practicing a sport in the sun, such as cycling, running or even volleyball, the body is constantly in motion. The tip is to bet on glasses models with frames that are as light as possible, that are not made of metal and that do not make weigh on your face.

Sports practice increases your body temperature and body heat generates a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lens, causing haze. To reduce this, choose glasses with lens apertures, favoring ventilation.

During a physical activity the sunglasses should be well immobilized in the face to avoid any discomfort. Opt for models with flexible material applications on nasal support and stems for good face stability.

To Enlarge The Viewing Area

One tip to enlarge the area of vision is to choose a curved frame so that the glasses cover the entire face and protect as much of the weather as possible, such as pebbles, dust or insects.

Another tip is to choose sunglasses with lenses fixed to the frame only at the top, or without frame at the sides, thus limiting as little as possible your field of view

Lens Colors

The color of the lens affects not only its appearance, but mainly its ability to detect contrasts and differentiate colors. This can be a problem if, for example, you are driving and need to clearly differentiate the colors of a semaphore.

Blue tone lenses serve a more precise focus, much needed in sports such as cycling, running, basketball, handball, tennis, and winter sports.

Gray tone lenses reduce glare while preserving normal color recognition. Hence, they are good for all sports practiced outdoors in bright light conditions such as running.

Amber, brown or red lenses block much of the blue light and leave sharper objects and warmer colors. They are recommended in sports like cycling, fishing, hunting, mountaineering, water sports and winter.

However, they are not recommended for activities where you need to differentiate colors quickly (such as driving, for example).

The yellow and orange lenses block the blue tones and provide superior contrast but distorts the colors. They are ideal for overcast days and low light conditions, for indoor sports. Sports such as football, cycling, basketball, golf, squash

Green lenses increase contrast while preserving color balance and are therefore recommended for sports where the object needs to stand out from the background, such as baseball, tennis, squash and golf. Sports Glasses Tips

EVZero is suitable for all sports, including aerobic and running, among others. It features the lightest Oakley frame (between 22 and 24 grams) and was engineered for speed, with a smooth, uncapped polarized filter.

Prizm lens technology balances color contrast for sports and specific environments. Reveals details more quickly and deeply that would normally go undetected by the naked eye.

Highlander 3

Frame and mask type lenses. The launch has three types of lens cutout: R (Run), B (Bike) and V (Volley), ideal for each sporting practice.

High-tech polyamide developed exclusively for HB, has high resistance to the aggression of sunlight, perspiration and high temperatures. It is characterized by being very light and resistant.

Green Fade Collection

A line of hand-painted spectacles by world-class athletes. Line used in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016. They take the Prizm lenses, technology that improves the contrasts for a greater performance in the sport.

The novelty provides an ultra precise color adjustment, produced especially for each environment.