Learn How to Choose the Ideal Bag!

Many times we were in doubt which bag is ideal for our biotype, even ends up being more difficult to choose a bag than a clothes or shoes, the models are varied, and not everyone is a good thing for our height or weight, so today I bring you some tips that will put an end to this cruel doubt, so you can buy your purse and use it without worries!

Tall Women

The choice of the scholarships the tall women are privileged, almost all sizes are allowed, I mean almost everyone because if you are the top of the small models weight should be avoided.

Women Low

The more little ones should opt for grants of up to a maximum of 30 cm in height and 40 wide, so the bag won’t seem bigger than you and your bag will be visually in harmony with your stature.

Narrow Hip women

For women who have a smaller hip wide handbags are a great option to make your hips seem wider.

And always remember that the large purses must cover the hips, may not exceed so don’t get sloppy in appearance, and not be the top of the hip because it will shorten your body.

Hip Women Off

For the women of chunky hip (+ 100 cm) sides of the larger bags must not exceed 12 cm!

Questions and suggestions just leave us comments, wait for the next post where I will give tips on the type of handbag for every occasion!