Learn How to Choose an Amplifier

When it comes time to shop for a home theater, you must choose a good amplifier and good speakers.

There are “kits in the box” already mounted and sets that you can assemble yourself, but which to choose?

To help you make the right choice, guide you so that your living room turns into a true cinema and your living room audio system can both give a good performance for television, movies and music, our specialist Michel Plante, promoter of the Salon Son & Image, book you way his pro tricks to shop intelligently.

Stereo amplifiers


It is possible to classify the stereo amplifiers into 3 broad categories:

  • All integrated amplifiers that offer radio, the preamplifier for controls section and the amplifier section that generates power for the speakers in the same box
  • Integrated amplifiers that have everything except radio
  • Separate amplifiers which include a box with controls and a box with the part power and amplification.

What are the best? In fact, there are no really bad stereo amplifiers on the market, but most functions are separated, better it is.

Important aspects

Watts, is as important as you think?

Is it true that a heavy amplifier is better than a light amplifier?

Can we married a speaker of questionable quality with a high range amplifier?

Answering these questions in the video that follows:


We can also categorize stereo amplifiers by brand and price. For example, Japanese brands such as Yahaha and Onkyo offer a very good products at a reasonable price ($ 400-$ 1000).

Canadian brands, American and European, they offer products of the highest quality with a more refined sound.

However, if we’re interested in the “Ferrari” of the stereo amplifier, you can easily end up with a product over $ 5000.

Multichannel amplifiers

If you have a home theater, need you what is called a multi-channel amplifier. That is an amplifier that handles the speakers.

Since the entry and middle range home cinemas have almost disappeared, this is a purchase that requires a bigger budget, so a longer and more serious shopping time.

As this is an expensive purchase which includes several items to buy, people often make the mistake to turn to the “lower end”. It should, however, know that a good basic home theater should normally cost at least $ 2000.

If you can afford to put a bigger budget on some speakers, it is advisable to prioritize higher quality on the 2 located at the front.

Another piece of advice: you don’t always listen to daily action movies, it is interesting to test in-store system without “subwoofer”.


That is, you now have in hand information from in-store look what we offer you. You have any material to ask the right questions.

I know that you will want to email us to ask ourselves if the amp the company X is a good choice.

Unfortunately, both Michel Plante that me is not store on a daily basis. Therefore, it is difficult to answer those questions individually.

If ever we had forgotten something, send us an e-mail. You will feed to your questions and suggestions for our upcoming shoots.

Happy shopping!