Learn How to Buy Your Plus Size Lingerie

No more hiding your sensuality. Gone the days when women had to “hide their bodies and nothing prevents them from wear a plus size lingerie to feel even sexier!

The important thing is to enhance your curves and make you feel sexy and powerful, every woman with your body type.

Understand now what tips you can follow to feel more comfortable.

Basic tips for choosing your Plus Size Lingerie

Transmit security is very important

Search for panties with the wider side not to score the skin and even create creases and deformations.

You can abuse YES thong panties! Since buy panties with firm side.

Choose Bras with thick sides and wide straps, because they give more security than others.

For women with medium breasts, can risk a half-cup bra.

You can also use pad to balance the silhouette and let her breasts and belly in proportional sizes.

Attention to the fabric.

Think about fabric, after all he makes all the difference in time to ensure comfort and safety in your plus size lingerie.

Firmer fabrics, fabric choice weak do not give the necessary firmness to your silhouette.

Focus on the parts of spandex and seamless.

Promote your own body, model.

You know the shaping shorts? Have one in your closet in time to wear skirts to avoid friction between the thighs.

Go to a party? Have a Modeler in the wardrobe! They help promote the look!

Abuse of colors and prints

Colored and stamped parts help to inspire you in time to dress and enhance feminine beauty.

In choosing your plus size lingerie, don’t forget this rule and choose brighter colors.

Taking into account that any way it’s always good to have a play Joker as beige in your wardrobe for occasions when it is necessary.

These are some tips that you can take with you to the lingerie store at the time of your purchase.

After all, every woman deserves to feel beautiful with safety and comfort.