Learn Do Looks with Skirts and Shorts

Learn How to use skirts and shorts in your production. These pieces are worn by women mainly in the months of heat, in order to compose looks fresh, comfortable and happy. Read the article to know some models and see tips on combination.

Looks with skirts and shorts

The world of the tribes split up some tips for you to create looks with different models of skirts and shorts. Check out:

Looks with high-waisted shorts

The high-waisted shorts appears as one of the trends for next spring-summer season. The extending above the belly button helps to elongate the silhouette, not to mention it makes the look more elegant.

The high-waisted short shorts can be found in different models, which differ with respect to the material, length, colors, prints and finishing. The piece can be used with cropped top, blouse and kimono regatta. Feet, worth betting on tennis shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals with high heels.

Looks with short printed

You want to make the look more cheerful, colorful and relaxed? Then bet in short printed. This play can enhance different print patterns like stripes, poás, floral and animal print.

The short shorts printed combines with cropped sweater, white shirt or regatinha. As I have stamps, ideal to use it with a smooth and with neutral color.

Looks with short jeans

The short jeans can be found in different models, as is the case of the destroyed, which is all customized with tears, faded and frayed. There are also custom parts with stones and income, which are able to leave the look more delicate and feminine.

The short shorts and jeans are versatile and democratic, so it goes with almost everything. It can be used along with shirt, t-shirt and cropped blouse. In other words, is a real Joker for the summer wardrobe.

Looks with pencil skirt

You are in search of skirts to compose looks sober and elegant? So contribution on pencil skirt. This piece has a trim fitted on the body and length knee length. Is a great choice to make the look work in summer.

The pencil skirt can be worn with t-shirt, cropped, shirt, blouse and even coat. Everything will depend on the occasion and the personal style of each woman.

Looks with denim skirt

The denim skirt can’t keep out women. Short or midi, she can leave the look with a more urban air and full of personality. This piece combines with t-shirt, blouse and cropped.

Looks with long skirt emblazoned

The long skirt emblazoned has a good drape the body beyond the fluffy that combines colors and designs.

There are many other models in skirts that can help compose looks amazing, as is the case with the pleated skirt, with buttons down the front, leather, suede, envelope, midi and income. In the case of short female, women can also use short asymmetrical skirt and embroidered short.

And there? Like the tips of how to mount looks with different models of skirts and shorts? Leave a comment.