Leaked: Difference on Windows Phone 7 and 8

What do you do without which Windows Phone 7 user, and what do you get as a Windows Phone 8 buy, see here.

As Windows Phone 7 user, you can in the autumn expect to get a Windows Phone (WP) 7.8 update. This means that you will have to do without several elements from the new Windows Phone 8.

But what is the real difference?

According to our site, there are several shortcomings, but for Windows Phone 8 buyers, there are lots of goods.

Among other things, get WP 8 users Internet Explorer 10, which is more secure and faster to use. But also better application integration and future proofing is among the key words when it comes to the streets.

Below you can see the leaked document shows the difference from WP 7.8 to WP 8.