Laxative in Pregnancy

Constipation is a very uncomfortable problem, being quite frequent during pregnancy.

Laxative in Pregnancy

To solve this problem, in addition to some corrections in the daily diet, you can still use laxatives for pregnant women, or strengthen your diet with natural laxatives. Learn more in this article.

Use of laxatives in pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is usual for the pregnant woman to accumulate intestinal gas and constipation, creating colic and great discomfort.

To be able to have quick relief, the pregnant woman can choose to use a laxative. There are two types of laxatives: microclister, which works as a suppository and which has a faster effect, and oral use laxative with a slower effect.

Obstetricians generally recommend glycerin-based laxatives as they help make stools moister, making them easier to remove.

Before using any laxative in pregnancy should always consult your obstetrician, so that it is perfectly suitable in a pregnancy.

However, it is important to note that the use of laxatives should not be too common, so that your gut is not habitable. In this way, it is critical to correct your daily diet so as to be richer in fiber and water, essential substances for a regular bowel movement.

In addition, you can still bet on natural laxatives. Here are several foods that will help relieve constipation.

Natural laxatives

– Kiwi: this fruit has a very large laxative power, being still rich in several essential nutrients for the body.

– Papaya papaya with flaxseed flour: this preparation helps to regulate the intestinal transit and relieves constipation, being still a source of calcium and vitamins.

– Black plum: besides being rich in several essential nutrients, this fruit has a great laxative power.

– Apple juice with crushed flaxseed: this preparation joins the fiber of apple peel with that of flaxseed, thus acting to relieve constipation and swollen belly, in addition to strengthening the immunity of the pregnant woman.